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Sunday, December 02, 2018


After the tournament where the Catholic university was crowned before the disputed Temuco, a strange incident appeared in the lower part of the German Becker, as the "Crusader" captain, Christian Alvarez, fought with local President Marcelo Sobi.

This week, December 2, after the last match of the national championship in 2018, which crowns the Catholic University before the Temuco Sports has been dropped, there was a sudden quarrel in the lower part of the stands at the stadium German Becker, which was performed by the crusader Christian Alvarez and the president the local team, Marcelo Salas, both were partners in the Chilean national team.

Everything would have happened because the security of the La Araucana area did not allow the Huaso family to enter the field to join the celebration of the championship team, with Matador attempting to intervene and end up facing a recently retired footballer

The tension was heightened by how euphoric US side was against Salas's grief, who had just seen his team return to Primera B.

After the meeting he was afraid that Alvarez was arrested for violating the rules of the Safe Stadium program, but finely and both protagonists came out to play it down.

"It was an obstacle simply, I already said it and apologize to Marcelo, we warmed up a bit, but nothing happens, nor give it so much color," Huasso said before leaving the stadium.

In response, Marcelo Salas also confirmed the event, but reduced the importance, understanding the mood of both: "We had a meeting, we warmed both."

For his part, UC's coach, Bennet San Jose, was also consulted with a discussion at a press conference and called to respect the Temuco sports club: "I did not see anything, I do not know anything. Sometimes football has many tensions, but hey Temuco is not our home and we have to respect them. "

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