Tuesday , May 11 2021

Alejandro Sanz is first publishing a photo of his four children

Unpublished! Although Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz is usually very mysterious with his private life on social networks, he did something he had never seen before, leaving hundreds of fans amazed: For the first time, he published a photo of his four children together.

It should be noted that Sanz is used to post on his social networks, various photos of his children, who appeared alone or with their father. However, he has never seen the image of his four children reunited.

Dylan and Alma appear in the record, which are the two smallest ones, and Alexander and Manuel. The image, which was made several years ago, exceeds 100 thousand "likes" and so far, has more than 3000 comments.

The message that Sanz accompanied the photo was the following: "The most valuable treasures in the world are your memories and no one can steal them."

"What a bouquet," "What a divine aele," "It's incredible that the four are identical to you" were some of the comments that received the cute picture.

And if that was not enough, his son Dylan, who was only 7 years old, was trying to follow his father's footsteps and made his own version of the song "I Have Nothing" on piano.

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