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Aggression in reality: the competitor had a jealous attack and beat his girlfriend in front of the TV cameras and the show

And the shameful moment lived in a Russian reality show called Sun 2 last week, after the Russian television star Andrei Shabarin (34) repeatedly hit his girlfriend, Rosalia Rayson (21) The man was taken out of space after the fact.

As explained in the English Daily Daily Mail, the young man was angry after knowing, for other colleagues, that His partner also accepted the other man on the show.

According to the encierro cameras, Shabarin violently attacked the girl, giving her several headbangs, while she only managed to cover her face and shout for help to the other participants. .

Shoot the TV
Shoot the TV

Finally, another couple had to help the girl and managed to take the man out of the place, which still looked with signs of anger.

The above media add that the directors of the television network took it as a determination took Andrei Shabarin from the show, who left the place in silence.

Unusually, Rosalia Raison also decided to leave the prison cabinet. At his departure, he indicated he would look continued contact with her boyfriend, to reconstruct and continue the relationship.

Shoot the TV
Shoot the TV

In reality show Sun 2, participants enter in order to build a house while trying to find a partner, although not all members are unique.

In the case of Shabarin and Raison, both started a love affair three months ago.

Violence against women

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