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Agglutera and psychopaths, attributed to the Nibaldo case, can respond to justice

As planned, the experts Rodrigo Dresner, a court physician in the Legal Medical Service and Julio Cesar Michelotti, at the El Salvador Hospital in Valparaisotestified on Tuesday on an oral trial for the crime Professor Nibaldo Villeges.

The experts presented to the court the results of exams psychiatric made by Johanna Hernández and Francisco Silva when they requested that they be declared undisputed before the Court; an application whose relevance was rejected.

In connection with Johanna Hernández, his report showed he had profile "border ", what is, egomaniac and manipulator to achieve their goals, but no mental pathology related to that behavior, so that is in a position to be tried, because it does not represent an exclusion with reality.

"Use manipulative behavior to get the things that use it, "says Dr. Michelotti, who explained that"for her, people are relevant in that they carry positive things (…) Priority of one's own interests over those of third parties"

In that direction, for her "others become objects, good or bad; therefore, unacceptable"he added.

Utilitarian relations

In connection with Francisco Silvawho already they had simulated the existence of a non-existent psychiatric affection, Dr. Dresner said he had psychopathic profile; what he uses people to get a return and has a moral influence from what others tell him.

"You can change relationships with people without any problem and when you are in front He hopes to get something for himself, or else he will move away from that person"explained the SML expert.

Psychiatrists agreed that personality characteristics do not affect crime planning like this and so The strong personality of Hernández prevails over Silva.

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