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Abuse in the Church: "strange" audience stoping Esat's dismissal | National

It was a large crowd in the thirteenth Santiago Guarantee Court, which reviewed the application for the final release of Cardinal Ricardo Eddie, charged with concealing Oscar Mugnoz Toledo, a former chancellor of the Archdiocese of Santiago.

Several predecessors were presented at the hearing, some also related to the case of Jorge Lapljaña, a case that is related to the case of Muñoz and others in the investigation of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

From the very beginning, Ezati's lawyer Hugo Rivera blamed the ideology of this case and claimed that his representative was used in communication by the prosecution. "The prosecution case is ideologizing this investigation.The case of the tribunals of the natural headquarters was taken away and all the media devastation began to Ricardo Eddie.When he was summoned only as a defendant, it all began.To some functions in his personal house and accounts that they want to take away his nationality, "he said.

"I am very happy that you have not been fired because you do not deserve it. It is a criminal who has his hands involved not only in one case but also in several. I hope one of them will soon end up in jail"

– Juan Carlos Cruise, a victim of Fernando Karadim.

In one of his speeches, the prosecutor Emiliano Arias clarified that the execution of the Ezzati as a cover-up was not only for the case of Mugnoz and Lapland, but also in a series of cases known as raids, including an internal violation of a metropolitan cathedral that had not been explored while Esatti was in charge of the archbishopric. "There are serious and gross losses of Mr Eddie," he said.

While acknowledging a deformation of the investigation – and even if it could be weak – Judge Eduardo Gallardo said he would be expected to kill an open inquiry. Therefore, "in the current situation, I will reject the request for Mr Eddie's dismissal in this investigation."

Strange audience

After the resolution, religious lawyer Hugo Rivera challenged the arguments of the judge and assured them that they would go to the Court of Appeal to annul the decision. Therefore, before resolving, Esati will not make a statement to the Office of the Prosecutor. "This can not remain in the condition, because the theory supported by the judge is very dangerous, (from which) the person must be formalized to seek final dismissal. Imagine, the innocent should always be formalized with all the consequences," Rivera said.

In the meantime, the prosecutor Emiliano Arias appreciated the judge's decision and claimed that there was an attempt by the cardinal to not be examined. "So far, there is no background in order for formalization to continue," the perpetrator admitted, but "what is meant here should not be investigated." That's unforeseen. That's why this audience is so strange, "he said.

He also appreciated the decision by Juan Carlos Cruz, informer Fernando Karadima, and one of those who accuse Esatti of covering up. "I am very happy that you have not been fired because you do not deserve it. It is a criminal who has his hands involved not only in one case but also in a few." I hope one of them will end up in prison soon, "he admitted.

Sebastián Brogca | UN agency
Sebastián Brogca | UN agency

Munoz resumes the night prison

The state of Eddie was the second issue that the court resolved because it first considered the precautionary measures of the former chancellor of the archbishopric, Oskar Munoz Toledo. His defense urged him to withdraw the night house detention he is now in, while the Public Prosecutor has asked to return to the preventive prison he had in the first months of the hearing.

Judge Gallardo, however, decided to keep him under house arrest at night, from 10:00 to 6:00 am, but to add national roots and a ban on access to the victims.

This was the judge's decision, the moment when Munoz Toledo was reprimanded by relatives of the victims and the words of his lawyer, Gabriel Henrikes.

Despite the outcome, the prosecution announced that it will appeal the precautionary measures in the next five days of law in order to try to return to preventive detention.

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