Monday , August 2 2021

A great spoiler will leak over Zombies 2

The first movie of Zombieland It consisted of one of the most celebrated stones in recent history.

As part of their story, and after the four main characters arrive in Hollywood, they encounter an unusual survivor of the zombie apocalypse: Bill Murray.

There are several very funny sequences, including some who remember the classic Ghostbusters, who took the juice for the participation of the symbolic actor who played.

But now a new rumor suggests that the addition of Zombieland will once again involve stones from Hollywood celebrities, though not in the way they would most expect it.

Spoiler alert below.

According to Geeks Worldwide, a site previously known for its leaks under the name Omega underground, Zombieland 2 will be participating in Dan Aykroyd and own Bill Murray, whom we saw as dying in the first movie.

"The circumstances and magnitude of their roles are currently unknown, but they will interpret the versions," they explain in the port.

The participation of Aykroyd, another of the historical Ghostbusters, makes sense when considering what has already been done with Murray. However, the most interesting is related to the potential return of Murray, as he was accidentally shot in the chest and Zombieland players had to get rid of his body. How can it be returned, unless it is in a zombie version, is a big questionnaire.

For now, no other portal has confirmed this information, but it would not be unreasonable to think that those responsible for Zombieland want to re-use the great Murray.

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