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6 ways in which a trip can improve your health

Traveling for pleasure is not only fun, it can also benefit both physical health and mental health.

Whether to explore the city, to enjoy a scenic landscape or to inhale fresh air in the countryside.

If you are lucky enough to be able to travel, that's it Six reasons for packing bags.

1. Keep your heart healthy

If you want to go through the city or nature, you can probably go 10,000 steps in a day. This figure is about 6.5 kilometers for most people and is associated with moderate levels of exercise.

If you can also combine it with small tourism or other activities, you will benefit greatly for your health in general, and especially for your heart.

In 1948, the famous study Framingham examined women about the same topic and followed them for 20 years.

He found that women who they took only one holiday, every six years, they were eight times more likely to suffer from a heart attack or develop coronary heart disease compared to those who went on vacation twice a year.

The results were taken into account risk factors such as obesity or smoking.

Another study by researchers at the State University of New York noted 12 years of age 12,000 men who were at high risk for the development of coronary heart disease.

Those who did not take a break year-olds were 32% more likely to die of a heart attack.

2. It will make you feel younger

On stress accelerates the aging process, according to a report by the Global Coalition for Aging.

It is like a daily injection of the hormone cortisol in the body. It reduces the immune system and increases the chances of suffering diseases such as adrenal dysfunction, headaches and irritable bowel syndrome, according to the organization.

Fortunately, it takes a bit of time to feel the effects of a pleasure trip when it comes to relieving stress.

A survey of 500 people conducted by the Travel Portal Expedia in 2012 suggested this I only had a day or two of rest Start with a sense of relaxation.

In fact, a study conducted in 2002 by researchers at the University of Surrey, in the United Kingdom, suggests that Just plan a trip in advance It creates positive feelings and makes tourists feel "much happier with their lives in general".

3. Keep your mind in good shape

Travel is an opportunity for us to get involved situations that stimulate our brain: new food, a new environment, perhaps different languages.

Inclusion in local culture and learning about other places can not only make smarter but also help delayed the onset of brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, according to a report by the Global Coalition for Aging.

"Travel is a good remedy," says Paul D. Nusbaum, a researcher at the Pittsburgh Medical School.

"Causes the brain with new and different experiences and environments and is a behavior that promotes brain health and develops the capacity of the brain to recover during life."

4. You can boost your creativity.

"If you want to exit new ideas, leave on Think about them"It was a counter-intuitive advice that US Advertising Director James Webb Young gave students and market-makers the market in his book" Technique for the Making of Ideas ".

With her, he did not think that the inspiration for his campaigns miraculously fell from the sky. Quite the opposite.

He noticed that it often happened to him the bulb was not lit when I worked on an idea, but later, when I was doing another activity like going to the movies.

Today neuroscientists know that new places and experiences can reorganize our brain and revitalize our mind.

This is directly related to what they call it "cognitive flexibility", which is the ability of the mind to jump between different ideas, a key component of creativity.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the famous artists love it Paul Gogin, Ernest Hemingway and Igor Stravinsky they created their most admired works during or immediately after a period abroad.

5. Improve your productivity

Today, exhaustion is considered an epidemic in the workplace.

Not only is it a burden for workers, but also for health systems (which must deal with stress-related diseases) and businesses around the world, due to lost productivity, absences due to illness, accidents and benefits.

The American Institute for Stress estimates this Stress costs US $ 300 million annually.

Dr Shimi Kang, specialist in neuroscience in happiness and optimal health, says to give the brain a few interruptions that it renews. This helps to solve problems and link ideas.

6. Can promote personal development

If you are young and you can take the opportunity to move abroad for a certain period of time, the survey suggests that experience can greatly benefit your personal development.

Dr. Julia Zimmermann and Dr. Franz Neyer of German University Friedrich Schiller compared the development of the personality of more than 3,000 students to German universities who studied abroad for at least one semester with a group that did not travel.

The results found that those who studied abroad, in general, were extroverted of those who chose not to travel during their studies.

Upon their return, passengers also tend to show increasing openness to new experiences and greater emotional stability.

"Most individuals are becoming more conscientious, cozy and emotionally stable during the transition from adolescence to adulthood," the researchers write.

So, regardless of your age group and travel style, there are benefits in leisure and getting out of the way with pleasure.

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