Tuesday , August 3 2021

38 victims are housed in Puente Alto after a strong fire

Depending on the Catholic Church, the Risen Christ, from the San Pedro sector, in the High Bridge, is the thickness of the 38 victims who left a huge fire registered yesterday in the settlements of the Areneros camp and destroyed 9 houses in their totality

An emergency, which was a product of a forest fire, completely destroyed nine buildings of lightweight material, while two others were partially damaged by the action of the flame and the water used to extinguish the fire.

Also, an older adult was partially burned in his body, so he was sent to Sother de Rio Hospital, where he was hospitalized.

Out of the total number of victims, 10 are children who have already received help from the municipality, as well as from other people who lost everything that happened in this fire that came out of control because of the strong wind that prevails in the area.

The provincial government of the province of Cordillera and the local municipality coordinated to see how to provide housing solutions to the families who stayed with the site, some of which were sheltered in the homes of neighbors and relatives.

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