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255 people bitten by animals carrying rabies

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.- About 255 people in Pedernales were scratched, licked, or driven out of a warm-blooded animal, so far in 2018. Contact with animals is mainly from dogs and cats; the Ministry of Public Health of the Dominican Republic reported.

The bites and scratches of warm-blooded animals are the main causes of the transmission of human rabies.

According to statistics, these are the number of people affected by the Péndnalles per month, which is the month of July, August and December of those with greater incidence:


Noticias SIN has received the Care Manual or protocol for patients biting dogs or other animals that transmit rabies to clarify suspicions and know how to prevent and act in case of contact with animals that can have rabies.

A guide to the attention of aggressed patients-last revision 06-09-2013

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