Tuesday , May 18 2021

"23m-euro agreement for animator without programs": Cruze-Kouk launches bomb in the middle of the TVN crisis

Deputy Luciano Cruze-Kouk spoke to Radio Ziro about the TVN crisis that was accentuated in recent days with the resignation of Francisco Orego on board and now, with the dismissal of about 80 officials.

Parliament of Euppoly focused its criticism on the bleak panorama of Belavista 0990 in Ricardo Solari, a former chairman of the board of the station, accusing him of provoking "channel funds have dropped by one third, debts have increased by 900%, all this in four years . "

"Francisco Orego seems to be a scapegoat for a situation in which it's hard to personalize, both in Francisco and in Haigu de Aguirre, and in the great absence of this discussion, in my opinion, which ultimately is responsible for the financial crisis at TVN in the last four years, Ricardo Solari, who did not even attend the inquiry committee, when he was repeatedly invited and because of the channel's assets declining by almost a third, the debts increased by 900%, all in four years " , he said at the radio station.

In the same line, he assures that "there was not enough vision. Unions say. There were contracted contracts of 23 million pesos with an animator who did not have programs."

"There are several stages: the first is the programming phase. We can not continue to do television since the 90s and I think that we are still in the same scheme, thinking that the TVN problem is only political," adding that "the political person, who obviously it has not been decided and where some have decided to support Haima, and that Jaime is partly responsible, since he arrives only at the end of 2016, "he said.

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