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16 New Year's Rites and Kabbalists you can practice | Society

As tradition, every year on December 31st at 00:00 o'clock, the most cruel ones perform rituals and shades of New Year's Eve, to ask the next to be more prosperous than the one that leaves us.

In Chile, 2018, there was everything. It was marked by a change of government, the triumph of the Chilean film Una Mujer Fantastic of the Oscars, the rise of the feminist movement, the crisis in Karabineros, among other events and situations.

If you are superstitious and want a better 2019, know some ideas to call for happiness.

Among the most famous traditions are:

1.- Wear yellow underwear: If you want 2019 to be full of joy and no money, you can not wear pants of this color.

2.- Red underwear: If you want to attract love, you can wear red underwear, or in its absence, a strip of this color tied to your waist, under your clothes, so 2011 is full of love and desire.

3.- Exchange of collateral: If you want to strengthen the relationship with your partner, especially if they have to face some problems, they need to exchange clothes they wear, so their fates will be fully connected in the year.

4. White clothes, new clothes: The first is associated with attracting good health and eliminating diseases. And if you want to constantly renew your wardrobe this year 2011, you must wear new clothes.


5.- Money in shoes: To have economic prosperity this 2019, you can put a ticket or coin in your shoes.

6. Eating lentils: If you want the year that approaches us to get abundant and have a good past to the monetary work, you must eat one tablespoon of this leg when it is midnight. This will give you prosperity.

7. Eat Grapes: They symbolize your wishes and projects for each of the months of the year they have to start. You have to put 12 grapes in a glass and with each stroke to eat and make a wish for the new year.

8.- Glass of water: If you want to get out of your life the whole negativity and pain you suffered in 2018, then at midnight you should throw a glass of water from the house to the street.

9.- Scorched paper: If you want to delete the negative things from the past, you need to type them on a piece of paper and light it at midnight so that they do not repeat in the new year.

Pixabay (CCO)
Pixabay (CCO)

10. Wish list: If you want your dreams to be accomplished this 2019, you should make a list of wishes and solutions to your problems, fold the paper and open it at midnight.

11.- Suitcase: To have a trip, or at least not so sedentary, leave the house with a suitcase or a bag. But if your desire to travel is enough and more, you want to do it together with your partner, you need to go around the block together.

12.- ring in the cup: If you are one of those who yearn to get married, you must put a gold ring in the glass of champagne to make a toast. For another, this rite also attracts happiness and money.

13.- Candles: All according to their colors attract different energies. For example, blue peace; abundant yellow; red passion; green health; white clarity and orange intelligence.

Peksley (CCO)
Peksley (CCO)

14.- House cleaning: If you want to eliminate all the bad energies and attract the positive, today you need to clean the whole house and discard what is no longer useful to receive 2019 with a clean house.

15.- Decorated table: If you want to attract prosperity, place the best tablecloth and bowl. If you add something golden to a table, it means your home will not miss money. And if you want love to abound in the family, put red candles.

16.- Graham: If you want to be happy with love this 2019, the first person to embrace at midnight should be the opposite sex.

As you may have noticed, there are rituals for all tastes, so choose according to what you expect for 2019 … and do not forget that faith moves the mountains.

Which of these rituals do you remain with? Do you know other rituals that are not in this note?

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