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129 series, movies and documentaries that we will see in May on Netflix, Movistar +, HBO and Amazon Prime Video

If April is the month of Game of Thrones, May will be the month of the premiere series. 22 new series arrive on the platforms of streaming, and some of them as alluring as Renee Zellweger or thriller Erotic from Mario Casas. In the cinema, the Spanish bet of the month is Despite everything, the comedy of Amaya Salamanca, Blanka Suarez, Belen Cuesta and Makarena Garcia for Netflix and the most attractive international movie in which Zack Ephron plays the killer Ted Bundy. Thats all all series, movies and documentaries that we will see in May on Netflix, Movistar +, HBO and Amazon Prime Video.

Series Netflix, HBO, Amazon Video and Movistar +: our favorite editions since May

Dead for me

This one black humorous comedy created by Liz Feldman (Two girls without white), e in which she starred Christina Applegate (Bad mothers) and Linda Cardellini (La Llorona). Between laughter and tears explores death, grief, forgiveness and pain from the perspective of two women who have suffered a loss and that, although they are very different, the strengthening of the relationships end.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? May 3

The Spanish princess

The series set at other times we love, both for its costumes and for its setting, and this is no exception. The series focuses on Catalina de Aragon and her arrival in England. There she becomes a princess from Wales, but when her husband, Prince Arthur, suddenly dies, he loses the throne from Catherine, and his eyes are on the new heir, Prince Harry, who will one day rule as King Henry VIII.

The series is acting Charlotte Hope (Mizers) and is based on novels The constant princess and The curse of the king by Philip Gregory.

  • Where? HBO
  • When? 6 May


This one five-header miniseries recreate the story of a nuclear accident that threatens Europe when reactor 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in Ukraine, it exploded on April 26, 1986. It was one of the worst disasters in human history, and the blast published radioactive material across Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

In the actress Jared Harris (Terror), Stellan Skarsgård (Mama Mia!) and Emily Watson (The theory of everything), the series tells a victim of men and women to prevent a catastrophe is greater and to find a solution to the problem of this caliber.

  • Where? HBO
  • When? May 7


Not only does Mario Casas return to television, but is also one of the premieres of the Movistar + more expected. It already appeared in Malaga Film Festival, but it will be in May when the television series is available to the general public. Focus on it Marco, a cumbersome young businessman who just finds comfort in the sport and in a private club, where he gives freedom to his sexual desires more hidden.

That is in which Mario Kazas plays (Photographer of Mauthausen) And finish the actor Ingrid Garcia-Jonsson (Anne a day), Sylvia Alonso (Loss of the east), Oscar Casas (Tell me how it happened), John Arias (Tell me how it happened), Lola Dueñas (Travel to the mother's room), Bruno Cuzi (Summer 1993) and Miriam Gallego (Red Eagle). We look forward to seeing what this Spanish series hides.

  • Where? Movistar +
  • When? May 10


Looking at the trailer, my masterpiece comes to mind The Lord of the Flies, and is what is adapted from William Golding's first novel. It tells the life of a group of young people who mysteriously appear in the exact replica of the city they live in, but with only one difference: no adults. What may seem like a dream to every teenager becomes a dangerous adventure.

Catherine Newton (Great little lies), Rachel Keller (Legia), Jacques Colimon and Olivia De Jong (Visit), runs this team thriller juvenile which has many ballots to become one of our favorite series of the month.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? May 10


Renee Zellweger is back and this time she wants to doubt our deepest feelings. Dilemma explores the cause and effect of the decisions we make, and uses the genre thriller to wonder about what will happen if a newly employed couple without money from San Francisco gets an irresistible offer. How much will you be willing to go?

The original Netflix series is played by Renee Zellweger, and complete the actress Jane Levi (Castle Rock), Blake Jenner (Look), Samantha Ver (Look), Keith Powers (Known for love), Daniela Pineda (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), Juan Castano (Glossy shadows), John Clarence Stewart (Luke Cage) and Dave Annable (Five brothers). A very sensual series that wants to win.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? May 24

High sea

Alta Mart Netflix

The vintage series works very well for Netflix, and if you do not consider the success of The girls on the cable. This time High sea is set in the 40's, in a luxurious ocean belt that goes to Rio de Janeiro and where mysterious murders took place.

This one thriller dramatically with John Cortyarena (Skin), Ivana Bacero (The club is misunderstood), Alejandra Onieva (Newbies), Jose Sakristan (Time of War), Eloy Azorin (Grand Hotel), Felix Gomez (She's your father) and Tamar Novas (Farina) in the cast, it is the new Spanish bet Netflix.

Good sign

In 2018, the apocalypse and the latest verdict approached. Everything seems condemned to destruction, but the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley unite to protect the antichrist and so can grow in balance between good and evil. But without knowing, they guard Warlock, an ordinary child, while the real antichrist raises the English family.

Without a doubt, one of the new releases of the Amazon of the Year. The adaptation of the book by the same name by Terry Prattack and Neil Gayman, Good Omens, in its own production of six episodes starring Michael Sheen (Midnight in Paris), David Tennant (Doctor Who) and John Ham (Crazy men). Comedy of Angels and Demons is waiting for fans of Terry Pratchett.

  • Where? Amazon Prime Video
  • When? May 31

All series and TV shows on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and Movistar + that you can see in May

  • At 100 T5 (May 1 on Netflix)
  • On a tour with Asperger we are (May 1 at HBO)
  • Tuca & Bertie (May 3 on Netflix)
  • I have a script (May 6 at Netflix)
  • State of the Union (May 7 at HBO)
  • Lucifer T4 (May 8 on Netflix)
  • Lightweight T3 (May 10 on Netflix)
  • Pete shot T3 (May 10 on Amazon Prime Video)
  • Correct (May 12 in Movistar +)
  • Audits (May 14 on Netflix)
  • Overdraft T3 (May 17 on Netflix)
  • Fleabag T2 (May 17 on Amazon Prime Video)

  • Years and years (May 22 at HBO)
  • Nola Darling T2 (May 24 on Netflix)
  • Hyper hard boiled gourmet report (May 27 on Netflix)
  • Valentino (May 27 on Netflix)
  • Quantico T3 (May 27 on HBO)
  • Good girls T2 (May 31 on Netflix)
  • 100% Hotter (May 31 on Netflix)
  • How to Sell Drugs Online (at Full Speed) (May 31 on Netflix)
  • So they see us (May 31 on Netflix)
  • Operation Ecstasy (May 31 on Netflix)
  • Sanctuary (May 31 at HBO)
  • Riviera T2 (no date confirmed in Movistar +)

The best documentaries coming on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and Movistar + in May

To conquer the congress

This documentary, winner of the public prize in the American documentary section and favorite prize at the Sundance Film Festival 2019, follows the political campaign of four women what they marked the historical landmark in the United States.

Alexandria Okashi-Cortez, Emmy Wilhelm, Corey Bush and Paul Jean Swenshengin are the protagonists of this documentary showing how they mobilized their electorate, turned on the voters and created an unprecedented movement in American politics.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? 1st of May

Manson Lost Files

The Lost Files Manson

On August 9, 1969, some members of the Manson family entered 10050 from the Sioui Drive and killed the actress Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanski and 8 months pregnant, and her friends. Fifty years after this massacre run three films that tell one way or another what happened. Once upon a time, with Margo Robbie, The persecution of Sharon Tate with Hilary Duff and Tate with Kate Bosworth.

This documentary recounts, in two episodes, the reality of Charles Manson and his companions thanks to the unreleased material of Robert Hendrickson, a journalist who managed to access the farm a few weeks before the harsh killings.

  • Where? Movistar +
  • When? 5 and 12 May

Game of Thrones: Last Guard

Kersey plays the throne eighth and final season We all know about the last season of the game of thrones

At the end of the Game of Thrones is near, and when it happens, we will have this documentary film with which HBO will premiere material and unpublished images behind the cameras. This documentary film plunge after production, follows the cast and reminds us how big the series is on HBO. A funny and sad story narrated with intimacy and wit, for the bitter pleasure to create a world and say goodbye.

  • Where? HBO
  • When? May 29

20 new documentaries arriving at Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and Movistar + in May

  • Screw (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Weave people (May 1 on Netflix)
  • American Experience: Island Killer T1 (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Very unpleasant truth: Now or never (May 2 on Netflix)
  • Pet Shop Boys from the Royal Opera (May 3 in Movistar +)
  • Dr. Nasar: the case of the American gymnastics team (May 4 at HBO)

  • Foster (May 8 at HBO)
  • Remastered: The reading partn (May 10 on Netflix)
  • My father wrote porn (May 12 at HBO)
  • My name is Muhammad Ali (May 15 at HBO)
  • He was born in Syria (May 17 on Netflix)
  • He was born in Gaza (May 17 on Netflix)
  • The war against women (May 17 on Netflix)

  • Alloy (May 19 in Movistar +)
  • Great designs T10 and 15 (May 22 Netflix)
  • A story about two kitchens (May 23 on Netflix)
  • Dr Jack and Mr. Nicholson (May 23 in Movistar +)
  • Deadly mission (May 26 in Movistar +)
  • After finishing pornography (May 27 on Netflix)
  • We work with Beto (May 29 at HBO)

The original Netflix and HBO films that the premiere in May and we like

Despite everything

It's undoubtedly one of the most anticipated releases of Netflix in the month, at least for us. Account with four wonderful protagonists, Ama Salamanca, Blanca Suarez, Macarena Garcia and Belen Cuesta, and it's a comedy set travel which occurs after the funeral of the mother of the four protagonist sisters, revealed the secret and the need to find the truth to bring up the family inheritance.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? May 3

Our past summer

K.J. Apa (Riverdale), Maya Mitchell (Host family), Jacob Latimore (Hidden beauty), in addition to Soci Bacon (Thirteen reasons) and Halston Sage (Zombie camp) star in this movie in which four young people experience their last summer before they start a university. A generational story in which we can see how they experience their dreams, relationships and identities.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? May 3

Extremely cruel, evil and evil

If you are one of those who, like me, swore on the Netflix documentary, too Ted Bundy's cartridges, this movie may be perfect for you to discover now how was his relationship with Liz, the woman who for years refused to accept Ted Bundy, with whom he had a long relationship, was a murderer. Directed by documentary director Joe Burlinger in which Zac Efron played (Great showman) and Lily Collins (Odjia).

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? May 3

Friends with Solera

How is the friendship of all life? This comedy, directed by comedy Amy Poller, is a portrait of a mature friendship that focuses on a group of friends who are organizing Napa's escape to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of them.

Rachel Drac (The worst week), Ana Gusterer (Goldberg), Paul Pell (Hermanísimas), Maya Rudolph (Who kills the grapes?), Cherry Jones (A boy has been deleted) and Tina FayeUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) finish the movie on this movie that just with the trailer has made us laugh.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? May 10


This film blinded last year's Fantastic Festival. Actress Alison Williams (Girls) and Logan Browning (Learn the brown gray), and directed by Richard Shepard (Girls), Perfection is a story of terror and uncertainty which focuses on Charlotte, music as remarkable as tough, and Elizabeth, the new student star of his old academy.

  • Where? Netflix
  • When? May 24

Deadwood: The Movie

It's Deadwood one of the most symbolic series of HBO and this movie, that there are almost all original casts from the series, it is the last closing of the story after the cancellation of the television series and fifteen years after her premiere. The plot will be set ten years later, when Dedwood and his inhabitants are celebrating the inclusion of South Dakota in the Union. Expected return to west best known by HBO.

  • Where? HBO
  • When? May 31

More Netflix original films released in May

  • See you yesterday (May 17 on Netflix)
  • Alien Camp (May 24 on Netflix)
  • Maybe forever (May 31 on Netflix)

65 films included in May on Netflix, HBO and Movistar +

  • American animal (May 13 in Movistar +)
  • American killer (May 28 at Netflix)
  • Ammore is Malavita (May 28 in Movistar +)
  • Linear (May 16 at Netflix)
  • Bohemia Rhapsody (May 31 in Movistar +)
  • A little red hood (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Christopher Robin (May 11 in Movistar +)
  • Cold War (May 20th in Movistar +)

  • Creed (May 2nd at HBO)
  • Django unstoppable (May 1 on Netflix and HBO)
  • Two rebel policemen 1 (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Two rebel policemen 2 (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Crystal Castle (May 14 on Netflix)
  • The color of crime (May 1 on Netflix)
  • The Kingdom (May 1st in Movistar +)
  • The Secret of Marrowbone (May 21 at Netflix)
  • Blue thunder (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Elizabeth (May 16 at Netflix)
  • It's for your own good (May 24 on Netflix)
  • Spartacus (May 16 at Netflix)
  • ET, extraterrestrial (May 9 on Netflix)
  • Combat, asphalt fists (May 16 at Netflix)
  • First person. The first man (May 24 in Movistar +)
  • Mr.anchor detachment (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Gatao 2: The Rise of the King (May 9 on Netflix)
  • People who come and bake (May 11 on Netflix)

  • Maybe you're the killer (May 21 in Movistar +)
  • Jack Ryan: Operation Shadow (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Jscratched world (May 1 on Netflix)
  • The cabin (May 7 on Netflix)
  • The final letter (May 1 on Netflix)
  • An exception to the rule (May 18 at Netflix)
  • The legion of the eagle (May 16 at Netflix)
  • The nun (May 10 in Movistar +)

  • Lara Croft: The Tomb (May 1 at HBO)
  • Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2: Cradle of Life (May 1 at HBO)
  • Visit (May 15 on Netflix)
  • Worldwide in 80 days (2004) (May 24 at HBO)
  • Lions for lambs (May 1 at HBO)
  • Honeymoon for three (May 17 at HBO)
  • Memoirs (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Memories of Africa (May 16 at Netflix)
  • Lots of noise and a few walnuts (May 17 at HBO)
  • A wave of crimes (May 3 in Movistar +)
  • Exit 2 (May 10 at HBO)
  • Rocky (May 2nd at HBO)
  • Rocky II (May 2nd at HBO)
  • Rocky III (May 2nd at HBO)
  • Rocky IV (May 2nd at HBO)
  • Rocky V. (May 2nd at HBO)
  • Rocky Balboa (May 10 at HBO)
  • Rumors and lies (May 1 on Netflix)

  • National Security (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Sherlock Holmes (May 1 on Netflix and HBO)
  • I still love God (May 16 at Netflix)
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (May 22 on Netflix)
  • Teens Titans Go! The movie (May 4 in Movistar +)
  • That must have been you (May 31 on Netflix)
  • A man who does not feel pain (May 23 on Netflix)
  • Another day with life (May 7 in Movistar +)
  • Dream for her (May 15 on Netflix)
  • A trip of ten meters (May 1 on Netflix)
  • Night out of control (May 10 on Netflix)
  • Up in the air (May 15 at HBO)
  • Venom (May 17 in Movistar +)
  • Watchmen (May 1 at HBO)

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