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Zelda: The Breath of the Wild 2 is scheduled for 2020, according to expiration

The follow-up to 2017's "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" could be released next year, according to a leak from a reliable source. Twitter user Saturday says Nintendo plans to plan a release date in 2020, but notes the well-known delayed history of the Zelda franchise.

Sabie also clarified that they are not only speculating on Nintendo's plans to release the wild 2 in 2020 and that the leak is based on "current plans". One answer asks the journalist and the source of the rumors to clarify whether he is actually scheduled for 2020 and whether fans should take the Salt, which Sabi responds to, "yes".

2020 would look almost shockingly early for a sequel to such a massive band, not least a sequel announced just five months ago. As a reference, "Breathing in the Wild" came about six years after the Skyward sword, which was announced nearly five years after the twilight princess. Although, looking back, Ocarina of Time, Mascara Majora and Witt Waker each released about two years. If Breath of Wild 2 ended in decline in 2020, it would be a rare move by Nintendo, but not entirely unprecedented.

As Sabie points out, it's best to get this information with a large grain of salt. Leaks are leaks and delays are delays, but Sabie is a fairly reliable source for video game rumors, having previously leaked much of the E3 2019 news before it was officially revealed.

We know very little about Breath of the Wild 2, and there is a unique trailer available as the only official Nintendo release. We have several on the job listings that Nintendo seems to put more focus on dungeons in the Breath of the Wild sequel.

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