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Your Model 3 does not love you


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You are not, it's Model 3

This past week, my wife and I were in the Tesla Gallery, where she took Tesla Model 3 for the test test before her purchase. The experience went well and she absolutely loved the car. In the end, I managed to convince her to give me a few minutes behind the wheel. So generous for her. But this is not this vital Public Service Listing is for.

As they drove the car back to the gallery, I noticed that a young man turning tilted over the rear of another model 3. Standing next to them, the employee at Tesla looked thoroughly confused while looking at something on his phone. Initially I assumed they were checking the width of the vehicle. Or, perhaps, they examined the usable luggage space. So I did not think about it and parked the car two compartments.

Our gallery associate then began to show us some additional features of the operating system and navigation we asked. At some point during the demonstration, I looked at the mirror and saw that the group is now behind our test driving vehicle. They seemed to wrap their hands around the back of our car. At this point I had a fairly good idea of ​​what was happening.

Tesla Model 3

Friends do not allow friends to embrace Tesla

When we got out of the car, I looked back and laughed.

"You're probably wondering why we're hugging the car." One of them told us while we were out: "Well, we saw a video that embraces the car only to the right, a secret port opens. It shows the heart that knocks. We can not look like working. "

A week or two before a post occurs around the internet that the model 3 had a secret pulsating "heart" Easter egg. This can allegedly be found by wrapping his arms around the car to give him a "hug". I had to be the bearer of bad news. "Yes, I saw it too." I told him: "It's a fake … the model 3 has no heart".

I could see the disappointment on his face. But I hope I helped save every future shame. In fact, this was not the first person I was supposed to say this. A friend of mine sent me a picture of the alleged heart port a week earlier, told me to give the car a embrace as soon as we got up.

I'm not surprised that people took their opinions seriously. Tesla is often played this way by including entertainment software or hidden modes on their vehicles. But the software and the games are one. Adding a motorized port on each model 3 just for silencing around Model 3 with a pulsating heart? Probably will not happen ever.

If for some reason you still do not trust me, check out the video above teslaOS.

Also, you absolutely can not fill your EV by placing it in a microwave oven. I do not think anyone went around yet. But I wanted to remove it now into the bud.

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