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Your daily horoscope: November 27th


Because you are such an easy face, you often waste time and energy on things, and people who really do not value. In the next year you can and you have to be very ruthless. First of all, learn to say "No" – and that means!

ARIS (March 21 – April 20):

This is by any measure one of the best times of the year for you, but it is not an invitation to throw a precaution on the wind. Today's connection to Mars-Saturn means you can make a huge amount, but you have to be careful and plan ahead.

TAURUS (21 April – 21 May):

You need to be serious about what you own and earn, not only because the journey of the sun through the wealth of your table makes both earning and losing easier. Remember, wealth is a means of ending, not an end in itself.

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GEMINI (May 22 – June 21):

Some people can be incredibly difficult and because there are so many cosmic activities at the opposite end of your table, most of their requests seem to be directed at you. Do what you can to help, but you never agree to do all that.

Cancer (June 22 – July 23):

If you start something new, it can not be reflected in the way you were hoping, but, yes, it's still worth doing. For the best results, take a step by step and do not expect too much from yourself – then every little profit will look like a big win.

LEO (July 24 – August 23):

The atmosphere on the domestic front may not be the best in recent weeks, but until now it has to be seen warming up in relationships that have become more than a little cold late. Make a part with it being warmer and more open.

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23):

With both the Sun and Jupiter connectivity to your ruling planet Mercury today you will not hesitate to let those around you know what is on your mind. We hope this will be positive, but even if it is not, your words will have a desired effect.

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23):

You may be worried about a particular situation, but worries about it will not make any difference, so take control of your feelings and make sure that you act only in ways that will produce a positive result. You can succeed.

SCORPIO (24 October – 22 November):

It's not like you look back and you want things to be different, so to spend what is it that has such a negative impact on your mind and start doing things that will make a positive future. Take your work together Scorpio!

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21):

More than most people know that it does not matter if you win or lose what's important, but how you choose to play the game. Jupiter's connection with the mind of the planet Mercury today will do wonders for your attitude. Do not be too nimble!

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CAPRICORN (22 December – 20 January):

The sun in the Sagittarius sign on the next door means that your sunny year is over, making this a good time to check how much you have given and how far you have to go. What new goals will you set?

Aquarium (January 21 – February 19):

Your opinions on a certain topic are obviously very strong, and you are not the kind that will encourage you to spare the feelings of other people. Which is fine but does not lose sight of the fact that some of those people can come back to you. Are you ready?

WRITERS (February 20 – March 20):

With the sun moving around the career area of ​​your scheme you must be careful to whom you choose to rely on. Just because someone says they are your friends do not make that fact. Little doubt at the moment is not bad.

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