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Worst of Bigg Boss 12: From offensive comments to fight with the guests, here's everything that happened

bigg boss 12 battles
Sreesanth, Surbhi Rana and Mega Dad gave Bigg Boss 12 the worst moments that made the show slide down the TRP graph.

It was only the former competitor of the tracks Surby Rana and the former Crysnet Sritsant who cared to give some content on the most controversial show on Indian television, Big Bos 12. But in their attempt to do so, they both forgot that they were painting a negative image of themselves . With them joined Deepak Tacur, who, after offering a party for a week, changed his plan to be a bad boy from the house, instead of being an innocent, gullible person.

These three and several others gave Bigg Boss 12, if not nothing, the worst moments that made the show go down the TRP chart, as well as lose even the loyal audience.

So, before the end of the season and to choose one from Deepika Kakar, Romil Choudhary, Deepak Thakur, Sritsant, Surby Rana and Karanwir Behra as the winner, here is the list of the worst moments of Big Bos.

1. Often Sreesanth threats to give up the show

In just two days of his stay, Srizant tried to leave the show after failing to perform the task. He had to talk about why he was more credited than Yodie from Shivashish Mishra and Surab Patel to stay in the show, but he refused to say anything against them. This led to the cancellation of the task by Bigg Boss and left other competitors to be angry as long as their efforts were spent. Outraged by the aggression of his tenants, he asked Big Bos to open the gates of the house so he could come out. And, this is just one of the many cases when he threatened to leave the house.

S Sreesanth threatened to leave Bigg Boss 12.

Now, if they are genuine attempts, his ways of avoiding weekly tasks or just his strategy as he claims now, he will only know cricket. But for the audience, it was disturbing to see an athlete give up so easily, and people question the sport of social media.

2. Shriashant's struggle with Vikas Gupta

When Bigg Boss 12 competitors failed to give a "massage" to the show, the creators had to bring former participants, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. While the episode in which the two TV personalities are portrayed can be imposed as the most entertaining episode of the season, it also turned into an ugly situation with Syersan entering into a big argument with the guest competitor Gupta.

the mediator fights with the great boss 12
Sreesanth and Vicas Gupta during a fight at Bigg Boss 12.

During the task of luxury budgets when the house was divided into Gupta Parivar and Shind Parivar, Srissant lost his style when Vicas repeatedly called him "bad". Giving him the return of Vicas, Srissant passed offensive comments on his sexuality. When all the contestants tried to reach peace between the two, the cry once again trampled on his masculinity.

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3. Surby Rana-Srisant fights

Sreesanth passes inappropriately comments about his competitors ceased to come as a shock to spectators in a few weeks. After calling the Karanwire family to tell Deepak that he was a beggar who takes away the coins thrown by rich people like him, he did not give a chance to show the contestants low light. But the borders were overdue when he, in a touch of anger, shot Surby Rana.

shattered and sarbhi wound struggles with the great boss 12
Sreesanth undeserved comments on the character of Surby Rana.

After the incessant provocation of Surby, when he spoke of the controversy of his shot, Sirsynth had disobeyed the character of the former Roadies passenger, saying: "11 baje ke baad khadi hoti hai." His words did not go well, and host Salman Kahn rebuked him for cricket.

4. Sreesanth spits on the name of Deepak Thakur

Bigg Boss 12 Deepak
Deepak Tacur in Big Bos 12.

Sreesanth came out as a painless loser during the luxury budget assignments of Bigg Boss 12. If he did not retire, he made the task ugly. In one of the luxury budget assignments, Shriashant, in order to make the team of Dipika get the task, tried to erase the name of Deepak from the board by spitting on him. His action angered the entire house and made other competitors doubt his upbringing. Surby continued to comment on his mental stability and as a reaction to the whole chaos, Srissant decided to climb the wall of the house to retreat from the show.

5. Broken rules

Shivashish Mishra was ousted from the house after refusing to go to jail.

Not once, twice, or three times, Bigg Boss asked participants to take care of the rules of the house several times. And, this is probably the first season of the show in all these years, when competitors did not pay attention to the rules despite repeated reminders. Romil and Shriyan slept during the day that led to the Great Bosh to take away the mattress from them. Sivashish was asked to leave the show when he refused to go to "calico" (jail). But no penalty was enough for this year's competitors. Sreesanth and Surbhi repeatedly used stupid words, they communicated in English and often forgot to wear their microphones.

6. Surby Rana accused Romail Chaudary of confiscation

which is a wounded wound
Surbhi Rana was one of the most aggressive competitors of Bigg Boss 12.

Surby Rana and Romail Chauhari shared a warm relationship with their brother and sister, while the former accused Romel of stripping. During the Grampandite assignment, Romil and Surby entered into a war of words. After receiving a quiet procedure from the lawyer, she lost her and blamed her for constantly looking at her. Susie's indictment left Romil's heart broken and he was seen in tears. But other contestants in the house, Somi Khan, Mega Dad and Jaslin Mataru, supported an ordinary man and told him that no one was explaining to him any explanation.

7. Fiasco Deepak Thakur-Mega Dad

deep mega fight in bigg boss 12
Deepak Tuckour passed unreserved comments on the character of Mega Dad.

The winner of Bigg Boss Marathi, Mega Dan, entered the show as a wild card. She looked confident in her game plan, but like everyone else, she also lost her way. During a Captain's assignment called "Breaking News", the hard-core Deepak, to create some news, said they were retaliating about Mega, and even passed obscene comments about her character. When she listened to all the inappropriate things for herself, in touch of anger, she dumped the singer's shoes and even spit on him.

8. The violent streak of Surby Rana

surbhi rana bigg boss
Big Boss 12: Surby Rana is expelled in the final week.

As Romil Choudhary, the former competitor in the "Surby Rana" tracks, has come up with rampage plans in the initial weeks, and then home after the tenth week. This is exactly what he did. In the early days of the house, Surby left no chance to make enemies. She entered into a verbal and physical fight with almost everyone in the house. She even pulled the hair of Srishti Rode during a task that led to other competitors who demanded action against Surby and refused to carry out the task.

9. Fake romance of Anup Jalota and Jaslin Matharu

anup jalota, jasleen matharu in bigg boss 12
Anup Jalota admitted that he had never had a romantic relationship with Jaslin Mataru.

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu set the tongues when they discovered their romantic relationships in the first episode of Bigg Boss 12. In the premier episode, Jaslin called Anup her "partner" with whom she dated in the last 3.5 years. During the show, both showed signs that they were in love and even went on a romantic date. But as the couple escaped, they had a different story to say. While Bhajan maestro said she had a spiritual relationship with 28-year-old Jaslin, she also returned to her words. In an interview with, she said: "In fact, it was my stupid joke that was wrong. In the premiere evening, for fun only, I told everyone we were hanging in. I thought Anup ji would clarify the same thing on the stage , but he does not do it. "

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