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World War II Z is too much for these streamers to handle

New trailer for World War I highlights the reactions of online experts to the zombie action of the game. Now that the video game adaptation of World War I finally out in the wild, co-op shooter proved to be a popular destination for lovers of non-stop zombie multiplayer. A humorous new trailer shows off a bunch of internet streamers losing their minds over the impressive visual elements and situations presented in the game.

World War I, as well as the film on which it is loosely based, is defined according to its unique description of the non-life; unlike the tradition of zombie media, reanimated carcasses in World War I not the slow stones, but the horde as a horde running and climbing in search of human flesh. It's strikingly visually, which also feeds in a fast paced game. World War I features hundreds of zombies on the screen at once, and players often have the task of attacking every creature before they can advance through the level.

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New trailer for video game post-release World War I shows the reactions of Internet streamers to high-octane scenarios presented by a shooter with four players. From demolishing the walls of non-life climbing each other with an unicameral purpose to stretch across the apparently spacious sewers of New York, while zombies literally rain down from above, the trailer is an exciting look to some of World War Isignature moments as seen through the eyes of internet streamers.

World War Z video game zombies

World War I, despite some problems with the launch and sometimes unstable network performance, proved to be a successful venture for the developer Saber Interactive and the Focus Home Interactive publisher. The title started with a positive critical admission and has already sold more than one million copies. Sabl promised more content for the game is on the road, including a new level for the episode in Tokyo and a new type of zombie.

There are some games where reactions to the top-top seem to be flooded or less than real. World War I is not one of those games. It so fully realizes the visual images of the film to the complete slaves of monsters, it is difficult to play the game without appearing on the spectacle that takes place on the screen, especially when a distant horde quickly closes the distance and becomes an immediate threat from which players must defend themselves, often surviving only from the skin of their teeth.

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