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With the coach's corner shut up, look at how Don Ferry has changed how we've watched hockey forever

It is hard to believe that Don Ferry took his last bow for it Corner of the coach opening editing, that his pit bull Blue will no longer bark, and that Grape himself is silenced by Ron McLean's shouting and grilling on his closed channel.

"I don't know what it's called a musical work," the former said Hockey Night in Canada producer On Shannon from the opening clip has played hockey 100 times each season. "It just became known as Corner of the coach theme. (Producer) Ron Harrison deserves credit for bringing him together. ”

Since the mid-eighties of the last century, she has heralded a frequently attacked five-minute segment of straight man McLean, attracting Jerry to top-notch hockey stories and a cherry that failed to land a pet or favorite player.

The cherry often crossed the line at conventional interval shows, and McLean usually pulled it on time.

The show was probably not long for the TV world, as Cherry was approaching her 86th birthday and he and McLean dropped censorships and budget cuts. But the shooting on Monday and the end of the hockey theater era was shocking. Replacement speculation, such as Brian Burke, will be widespread in the coming weeks, but if Sportsnet stays in a similar format, Cherry is a tough act to follow.

For the better part of four decades, fans didn't head to the toilet or fridge when Ron and Don came out. To this day in the press box of the Scottybank Bank Arena, one user turns on the sound of a large NHL television, management, scout and guardian, all pausing to see whose feather the cherry was supposed to shoot.

His show career began much like its predecessor, Hawaii Macker, not a human analyst trained by TV, but frustrated by the trends they saw on the ice not being challenged by others. After the success of Jerry 's bench in Boston (on Corner of the coach Clip is in it in reaction to the loss in the history of many men in Montreal in 1979) and his brief stint with the Colorado Rockies, he wanted to come back.

While Cherry survived the banquet circuit, then-UNIC producer Ralph Melanby gave him the chance to make a transitional Eastern play segment to complement Maker in the West. It wasn't long before Cherry stole the show and Corner of the coach was released nationally, with McLean replacing Hodge in 1986. Jerry's talking points got to know: The fight was good, the viewers were sexy and everyone from Kingston was great, especially if they were Bruins or Lisa.

Jerry once said he imagined he was speaking directly in the hall of the Royal Canadian Legion, an audience to which proud historic beasts could relate.

"At the time, he was talking about the common man, what many people thought," Shannon said. “That was his strength; he will talk about a player, team or coach from the heart. I think Ralph knew about Don and the time when Ice hockey he didn't just rely on the games, he had to make sure we had attractive television. And that meant Don. "

In the early years, Corner of the coach was shot by a small studio right out of the dressing room on the leaves. Part of the Grape package was his weird suits, high collars and fractured English. His business interests also split into a chain of sports bars, Rock, em, sock videos (before the NHL fight goes missing) and his own CHCH-TV talk show in Hamilton. He also did radio bits with Brian Williams on the KSF.

In Shannon's time at UNIC, he had no trouble getting Cherry to open the segment with a local flavor, as he pretended to pull an octopus from the Detroit River or appear as a juggernaut.

"He has a magnetic personality, no doubt," Shannon said. "And he was all about branding before the term was invented."

Door influenza

Controversial quotes from Don Ferry's Corner:

* Called several retired NHL executives "a bunch of shoots" to express regret over their style and encourage more brain injury research.

* Mocking the hiring of Finnish assistant coach Alpo Suhonen, he compared his name to a dog food brand.

* Labeled environmentalist David Suzuki a "left hook" on climate change.

* He was celebrating the guests, calling Alex Ovechkin "stupid" and warning that he would be hunted. He also criticized Sidney Crosby for the same excitement.

* He tore "the Europeans and the French (-Canadian) boys because they wore glass, which was dropped by the Canadian language commissioner.

* Attacked on Quebecoise block to remove Canadian flags from lawmakers.

* Still in Quebec, Jerry criticizes skier Jeanan-Luc Brassard as the Olympic flag bearer at the 1998 Olympics in Canada. The CBC's ombudsman accused him of doing so.

* In 2003, Jerry and McLean argue over Canada's failure to enter the Iraq war. Cherry's pro-US. feelings led to 1,500 complaints to the CBK.

* Last season he dismissed the Carolina hurricanes as "a bunch of ugly" for their celebration of Storm's victory. That sparked a line of t-shirts for the team.

* Although it did not happen at the coach's corner, Jerry entered an interview with McLean after a match with League Play-off hero Doug Gilmour in 1993 and kissed him, prompting a verbal altercation with Kings coach Barry Melrose.


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