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With a long wait, it's time to enjoy the ride of Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

TORONTO – Lately, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is coming, his bat finally forcing Toronto's Blue Jersey arm, with a trace of false reports, predicting a date of promotion and a provocative defense talk and the basics and routines that are now being rejected by the distance .

Baseball's best performance debuts on Friday vs. Auckland Athletics, suddenly pulling the franchise that lives for the future back in the present. If the 20-year-old old incredible player, his talent suggests it may be, then the re-enlistment he is thought to bear has a real chance of success.

If not? Well, the Blue Jays fans have enough experience in the baseball desert.

Such are investments, which means that the premier office that has its own destiny, at least partially linked to Guerrero, is so overly cautious with the most sincere perspective in the history of the franchise. Bypassing the extreme case of punitive degradation, this long-awaited promotion was the last true point of support that Blue Jays had on the triangular third.

In a sense, Guerrero is now a graduate at a university high school, sent with the freedom to become a person to be. Of course, Blue Jays may continue to preach things as a defense and routine, but free from small leagues, he will not be under the thumb in the same way.

Everything they can really do now is the hope that they have provided the type of education that gives them a strong mooring from which to make good decisions. Everything – the continuous development, the expectations, the possibility – is now on its tight framework.

"If you think of the dramas that should be made by one big league player and the consistency of the performance of those dramas that are expected from the big league picks, the coaches from big leagues, the (media), and the fans, we want to make sure that we made everything she can do is be in the best position to be as consistent as possible when she comes here, "said general manager Ross Atkins recently in a discussion about completing the Blue Jays letters that they wanted to see from Guerrero.

"He will make mistakes here. As we have seen from some of our young players who are transitioning, mistakes will occur, but the foundation is what we so strongly pressurize. Much of this is eavesdropped in all the power it has, with that we ensure that we have done from the point of view of performance to help his body be in the best possible position to perform all the performances he can make and show us what he can do. But we want to we see it in a more consistent way and that is a challenge. "

Or maybe a player as talented as he needs needs to show him what he does not know. In any case, the time has come for Guerrero to make his way.

Adhesive to hold redevelopment together

Now, it's worth remembering that for all boilers talk about defense and a total ball, excitement and excitement around Guerrero is not a by-product of his field. No one expects to see Hadrian's second coming in the hot corner.

Instead, Guerrero arrives in the main leagues as the best home offensive by Blue Jays, since Vernon Wales, who debuted in 1999, and another much more prominent than Carlos Delgado, when he first tested in 1994.

A survey of five scouts from rival Guerrero's teams produced a 70/80 degree of punching / power on the scale of 20-80, three 70/70 and one 65/70. It's a superstar, even if it ends at a low end of that range.

"The bat is real," was a short sum of one scout.

"I am an admirer," said another, "and (I) look forward to seeing him play in the big ones."

It should really be translated, Guerrero will give Blake Jace the type of midfield he lacked after Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnas and Josh Donaldson got out of the tops and left.

Blue Jays hope they will eventually save Guerrero with Bo Battle, whose upward pressure in the triple Buffalo was interrupted this week, when the offensive pitch broke his arm, combined with whom he keeps from their current culture of young specialty players such as Theoskara Hernandez, Rudi Teles, Denis Jansen, Billy McKinney and Brandon Drury. Lourdes Guririel Jr., who works on dumping problems in Buffalo, is also in that mix, along with fellow player Cavan Bigio and outfielder Anthony Alford, who gets a chance when the Socrates Brigato experiment reaches its likely conclusion.

Providing a veteran presence, while the next core appears is the recently expanded Randall Grichuk and, for now, Justin Smoak. The picture of the slope is less clear, but whatever happens, Guerrero will be considered a glue that will comprehend all together.

Feelings of excitement began long ago. Vladimir, in fact, is written M-e-s-i-a-h. So, four total AL MVP awards, or four directly? Did you book a hotel for the induction of the younger Guerrero to Cooperstown in 2035? Quips support is the air of a hyperbole that, unjustly, respects the public's expectations for Guerrero.

What is realistic?

Last year, Ronald Akuna Jr., Atlanta Braves and Juan Soto of Washington citizens, were similarly assumed and potential clients promoted in specialty and struck the ground, each producing a WAR of 3.7, according to Fangraphs. This year, Fernando Tatis Jr. came to the hot with San Diego Padres, while the outfielder from Chicago Wax Sox Eloy Jimenez has gradually entered specialty.

Given that Guerrero was regarded as a big league prepared as an attacker last summer and designed by some objective measures to be among the top ten most productive offensive baseball players this year, it's not unreasonable to think she will be punished immediately.

Wisely, manager Charlie Montoyo was struggling to manage expectations after announcing on Wednesday that Guerrero will debut on Friday, although you can understand why frustrated fans will want to see the big man as a savior.

However, a secure hand will be needed, and the bench from the bench bench, Dave Hudgens, remembers Houston Astros when he was a punching coach, while all stars Carlos Correa, George Springer and Alex Bregman moved into specialty.

With Guerrero and other prospects, Hugens believes, the key is "to give the trust to the guys, giving them room to grow and a little to fail".

"A good example," he continues, "was when Bregman got off to 0-for-18, but we could say he believed in himself and he had a share in the experience of small leagues. So (manager) AJ Hinch struck the second, although he still did not get a hit. He went from 6-7, to put him in second place before Jose Altouv, maybe get better pitches, which showed him, hey, they have great confidence in me. took off. "

In the midst of that slow start, Hadzens knew not to care about Bregman when a rookie one day entered the cage cage and told the coach: "I will hit .300".

"I said," Yes, I think one day, "recalls Huggens." He said, "No. This year I'll hit .300." He was then 0-for-18. He did not quite get there (Bregman finished in the year of 2664), but he approached. It's the kind of attitude you're looking for.

"We just tried to help cherish that, to develop it and encourage it. You like those guys with little preference for them and you like guys who believe in yourself. That's what we're looking for with the coming guys and the guys we have here. "

Guerrero has a similar belief in himself. In January, when he was asked to explain his approach to the dough box, he said through an interpreter: "When I enter, my way of thinking is that I am the best man in the world and that is the other one who must try harder so I am ready. I know I'm big, I'm the best and I do not let anyone scare me. "

Waiting is over, so let's enjoy driving

This will be a lot of fun.

To some extent, the joy of looking up Guerrero to the main carriers was lost due to the ongoing debate when he was eventually promoted, which he had to make to finally break through and expect that Blue Jays would manipulate his time for servicing in order to steal an additional year of club control from him.

In the end, a hair injury to spring training attributed that part of the conversation, leaving only unceasing speculation as to what euphemisms, such as "foundations" and "routines," really meant, and for what day would Guerrero finally debut.

Several reports late last week and earlier this week stated that he will debut on Tuesday against San Francisco Giants, but BlueJays have renounced the desire to play Guerrero for three consecutive days before bringing it.

Baller, who is he, Guerrero went with 2-for-5 with homer during the 5-4 Bison victory in Syracuse, making unforgettable peace in the smaller leagues.

A lot of hard work got into getting him up to this point.

Ismail Cruz, former director of the international scouting of the club, spent three years in Guerrero and has been pushing Blue Jays to pursue his international bonus to get a bonus to get the child, even if it means paying a penalty and sitting on the next two signing periods according to the rules of the old system. Then – GM Alex Anthopoulos did it, approving a $ 3.9 million signing bonus, then trading with small doctors Chase De Jong and Tim Locastro in Los Angeles Dodgers for three international spending places, which meant that Blue Jays only sat of the period of signing in 2016 allowing them to be well-respected lawyers Eric Pardinho in 2017).

"We spent a bit of time debating if we want to get one person and endure an amount of X years," Cruise said in 2015. "These guys did not meet very often, so it was either to play all your marbles one person or get out and get a few players who are fine. But for us, Vladi Jr., is the creator of differences. He has the potential to be very , very special child ".

Cruise prepared it, and Guerrero proved to be an extraordinary gift gift given to the franchisee and Anthopoulos, one of Blue Jays worked hard to develop fully in conditions of rapid ascension.

Gerrero's Homeroon in Montreal, which was to close the previous season in 2018, offered an exciting taste of the joy it could bring. There is a smile with great power. He plays with talent. He brings the goods. And now he has arrived here to launch a new Blue Eays franchise era, which is bankrupt at the new start, which he looks like he wants to provide.

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