Tuesday , August 3 2021

Windows Six Siege Explosion sends rival players to the polygon hell

Usually, when people think of cheating in a shooter, they imagine someone who has used a snail to magically hit opponents from the walls. Recently, Rainbow Six siege players stumbled into a much more bizarre form of exploitation, the one that basically sends its characters to travel with virtual acids.

In essence, Rainbow Six siege players do it when the other team sees a certain place in the shelling of their team, their vision becomes pushed, and the textures in their game begin to fly in wild directions. This makes it basically impossible for the opposing team to see anything. The players are delighted to explain how the problem works because of the fear of becoming more honest, but it is already spreading online.

As more and more people began to share images from the problem of the subordinate part of the game, YouTubeToolsGamble took out a video with more explanation of the phenomenon and portray it into action (thanks Rock paper rifle).

Microwaves and others called the exploitation "The Bird Box Glitch" after the movie Sandra Bullock Netflix Bird Box in which people who lay eyes on certain creatures are driven by horror to commit suicide.

There are several ways to fix the error, including getting involved in game settings and turn off anti-aliasing, and then returning again. Siding in the sidewalk also reportedly has been successful in some cases, but even these circumventions put the victims of the hacker in a difficult disadvantage.

The type of bird's box is visually interesting for viewing and one of the more creative ways of cheating. It's certainly better than being magically shot by someone before you even turn the corner. Ubisoft did not immediately respond to the request for comment on the cause of the problem or when an urgent document came up, but I hope it will not take too long as more and more people begin to face it.

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