Wednesday , May 12 2021

Windows Lite is Microsoft's long-awaited response to Chrome OS – BGR

The success of Google's Chromebooks and Chrome OS software was not inevitable, but the ease of use allowed them to allow Google to set a niche on a very crowded computer market. After Chrome OS came into place, we are waiting for Microsoft to come up with its own version of Windows, but their hard work (Windows 10 S, Windows RT) has gotten all.

These failures have not been prevented by Microsoft, though Petri announced on Monday that the company is working on a "new version of Windows that can not actually be Windows". On the basis of the documentation that he saw, Petri Brad Sams believes that Windows Lite – the new operating system – is Microsoft's response to the Chrome OS.

According to Sams, Windows Lite will only work with applications for progressive web applications (PWA) and applications for the universal Windows platform (UWP), while removing all other functionalities. He says this is the first "really lightweight version of Windows" – one that will not work in small or business environments, and may not be available for purchase. Just like the Chrome OS, Windows Lite will have to be preinstalled by the OEM.

Sams claims that Windows 10 S was retired to make room for Windows Lite, which can run on the next Qualcomm processor. "The purpose of Windows Lite is to make it super lightweight, instant, always connected and can work on any type of processor," says Sams. "Knowing that this week Qualcomm will release a new generation of puppies that can work on Windows significantly better than 835 [at the Snapdragon Tech Summit 2018], expect to see this new chip powered by the very first devices that use the new operating system. "

As for the timing, the plan is to publish Windows Lite (or whatever it ends up with Microsoft by calling it) at the Build 2019 Developer Conference next year, but that can change. Whenever discovered, it is likely to be surrounded by new hardware, and Sams suggests that this could double as the Andromeda dual-screen party or the newly-speculated dual screen 2-in-1, which is called Centaurus, is coming.

Source of photo: Jacob Sigal BGR

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