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Why Los Angeles Rams Will Win Super Bowl LIII

This is the first Super Bowl in Los Angeles Rams since 2001, and many people do not give them a chance of scams.

Jared Gough is the fourth youngest beginner in the history of Super Bowl. Sean McVeigh, at only 33 years old, is the youngest coach in the history of Super Bowl. In fact, Tom Brady is eight years older than McVeigh.

But, despite the huge discrepancy in the experience, there are valid reasons why young Frames should be taken seriously.

Rams is looking for the second Super Bowl victory in the history of the franchise, and the first ones also came to Atlanta in 2000. Here's why you do not have to bet against the team to raise your second in the same city.

Defensive front four
Tom Brady may be the greatest of all times, but the best player on Sunday will be Aron Donald.

Brady lost to Super Bowl twice against New York Giants, due to pressure to the middle, and is 1-3 in Super Bowls, when he is hit eight or more times. Led by Donald, Rams have talent in the four teams to cause similar problems for number 12.

Without coordinator trainers against Brady better than defense coordinator Rams Wade Phillips. In the duel with the AFC championship in 2015, Denver Broncos – under the leadership of Phillips – got Brady as no one else fired him, quit him four times and hit the 17th place. And Phillips played historically on Belihik and Brady: the last three times Phillips faced patriots, his defense gave up on average 19 points from a match.

But this is not only the ability of LA. to break through after the passer who will play for a certain factor on Sunday, because Rams gave up only 98 meters that appeared in the playoffs up to now.

Akib Talib
Donald is the best Rams defender, but Akib Talib is probably the most valuable. Of $ 221 million, Rams has spent this season, without getting a better return on investment from Talib.

The veteran curse misses 4 to 12 weeks with an ankle injury, but returns to the pitch in the playoffs and a good game, which needs to change as we experience Rams' defense. With the defense of Talib, the defense of LA. gave 18.3 points per game, 312.4 total yards per match, 209.9 yards per match, 11-13 TD until the match and a rating of 78.4 opponents. Without the Talib, the Rams gave up 30.8 points per game, 401.3 total yards for the match, 272.6 yards for the game, 23-6 TD until the interception and 111.6 ratings of the opponent.

The 32-year-old boss is well aware of New England's scheme, after dealing with them every day as a former member of the patriots. Talib may be able to return to haunt his former team with a great game, but even without playing the game that changes the game, his ability to play the slot and cover everyone from narrow ends to number 1 receivers raises the ceiling the defense of Rams and gives Phillips the flexibility as a defensive game caller.

Tod Gurley
The death of Todd Gerli is greatly exaggerated.

From 2015, Gurley leads the league with 46 fast touchdowns. This season, including the playoffs, Gurley has a 1,376 meters rush, an average of five meters per nose and is scared for the 19 rush TD. The frames are 11-0 when Gerli gets 15 plus wear this season. And it was not so long ago, Rams won the Dallas Cowboys for a 273 rush in the yard.

One week after the NFC title, in which he barely touched the ball, Gerli rested. Everything he's heard in the last two weeks is how bad he's playing. He is ready to be an angry runner on Sunday.

The frames are likely to lead him early and often with the Lombardi trophy in their understanding.

To win the patriots, you can not win. Just ask Di Ford and the heads of Kansas City.

Frames are the least punitive team in the NFL this season. Not often Belihik faces a team that is more disciplined than the one who trains it.

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