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Who is Rose Hanbury? 5 works on the Marquis of Cholmondeley – Hollywood life

Rose Hanbury is closely associated with Prince William and Kate Middleton, and not just because of the cheating rumors they have associated with the royal couple. The socialist has his own position within the aristocratic community.

The tabloids, the theories of Twitter and the memes point to it Rose Hunbury, 35, as a woman whom the fans believe Prince William, 36, had an alleged attempt at, speculation that his lawyers vehemently denied. While rumors remain only that – rumors – Rose is no accidental name in the high society of nobles, duchesses, dukes and just. A look at her social status and family name reveals a surprising relationship with William and his wife, Kate Middleton!

1. Rose has a fantastic title – Martinique of Cholmondeley. She won the title by marrying the seventh Marquis of Cholmondeley – David Rocksavage, 58 – in 2009. They welcome three children, just like Kate and William: twins Alexander, Earl on the rocks and Oliver, Lord Cholmondeley, and daughter, Lady Iris.

2. Rose attended the wedding of William and Kate in 2011. Aside from weddings, Rose is photographed at even more events with the royal couple. William was spotted sitting next to Rose at a state banquet in Buckingham Palace in 2017.

Lady Annabel Goldsmith Summer Party at her house Richmond Rose Hanbury Lady Annabel Goldsmith Summer Party - July 14, 2015
Rose Hunbury at the summer party of Lady Annabel Goldsmith on July 14, 2015 (Shutterstock)

3. Her grandmother was the bridesmaid of Queen Elizabeth. Williams' grandmas and grandmothers were included in the same wedding! For Queen Elizabeth wedding in Prince Philip in 1947, she asked for help from Lady Elizabeth Longman, who is none other than Rose's grandmother. Friendship stayed strong while Grandma Rose died in 2016.

4. Rose has an impressive property in Norfolk, just like Kate and William. Rose and her husband, David, are neighbors to the neighbors of the royal couple in the English village. They own the Holton Hall in Norfolk, which was built in the 1720s as Britain's first prime minister, Sir Robert Walpole. Impressive historical property is open to the public from May to September. Meanwhile, the residence of Kate and William Norfolk, Anne Hall, is only a few miles away. There is even a name that British tabloids throw around for the group that runs this part of the countryside – "Rapka Tops".

5. Rose was a former model for the storm agency. Yes, the same agency that discovered it Kate Moss. In addition to modeling, she worked as a political researcher for Conservative MP Michael Gow.

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