Friday , October 22 2021

What to expect from Blue Jays at Winter Meetings


Las Vegas's temptations can be tested even by the most disciplined by visitors, making the City City a particularly interesting setting for winter baseball meetings. In this period of saving free agents, placing an annual baseball swapfest in place built around revocation of regulation and restraint will add concern to the next week.

Will control of the recent off-season control be controlled? Or will some teams be deceived to allow them to ride and spend the last budget?

Toronto Blue Jays, of course, were among the disciplined baseball clubs in recent seasons, spending methodically and carefully on free agents. Consider that after Mark Shapiro assumed the post of president and chief executive in November 2015, the club's biggest financial obligation in the free agency was the three-year contract awarded to JA. Enjoy that year.

The second on the list is the 33-million, three-year contract for Kendris Morales, shared in November 2016, with Marco Estrada, a 26-million, two-year contract, and a two-year contract of $ 12.5 million with Steve Pierce, the only other multi-year commitment handed over to his watch.

There were significant one-year costs for Jose Bautista ($ 18 million), Estrada ($ 13 million) and Haime Garcia ($ 10 million), plus a number of smaller deals, mainly for freelancers.

A little long-term exposure, minimal risk – a mantra at the front office for a while.

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All that's worth keeping in mind while GM Ross Atkins continues to hunt for a slope upgrades his poorly exposed staff desperately needs. Ideally, Blue Jays want to add weapons for a long time to control time, but with their new player level, but "it's too hard to add Trent Thornton and Marcus Stromans and Aaron Sanchez with certainty," he says.

"Young, controlling prone is very difficult to acquire, so it's not easy and easy to acquire more Ryan Borutzky / Sean Reed Foley," continues Atkins. "Adding a level of free agent is more realistic and something we will look for."

Given recent Blue Jays spending habits, it suggests a future with multiple types of stakeholders who, if they are executed, can trade on the deadline for cancellation rather than in the long run.

The six-year agreement with Potrick Corbin, which amounted to $ 140 million from $ 140 million, landed by Washington nationals, is the type of reach that the team does not believe makes sense to the list right now, since 2019 will be wasted through sand and will convince such a player to join the rebuilding requires overpayment.

Perhaps – perhaps – if someone like Dallas Kechul found himself in the same place, Jake Arrieta was in the last spring without a contract and in spring training, Blue Jays could try to be opportunist. But the very likely scenario is that they are waiting for the Garcia-type market, just hoping for a better outcome this time.

The only way to get the kind of young hand they want out of the draft is to pay a high price in the trade, and there is an irony in their desire to gain controllable slopes while at the same time ready to sell Stroman and Sanchez for a real return.

Until this moment, Atkins worked to deal only with the periphery of his perspective base, so a greater redistribution would mark a change in approach.

It's far simpler to spend in a free agency and with a projected $ 100 million or so in contractual guarantees, arbitration wages and 0-3 players with a time of service, they have money to work.

All refer to stakeholder supplements, rather than basic acquisitions.

"We are so happy that we have the opportunity to do so," Atkins said. "We have a lot of flexibility, the younger jar that we come from, we could not be more excited. With flexibility, we surely have it now and even more progressing forward, in a great position we are … taking advantage of opportunities. We will be able to do both We can be aggressive and we can be opportunist. "

Vegas, baby, really.

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