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What Larry Ellison brings to Tesla


Posted on January 1, 2019 |
by Matt Prinman

January 1, 2019 from Matt Priman

Originally published on EVANEX.

While Elon Musk may be greater than life in Silicon Valley, he is not (ahem) universally loved there. There was a typhoon with Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and others. That said, there are some serious allies. Google's "Larry Page" even talked about leaving his fortune to "Musk" when he died. And Elon is often considered Godfather from the PayPal mafia, which includes heavy attackers who went to find some companies you might have heard (ie, LinkedIn, Yelp, YouTube).

Larry Ellison of Oracle (Photo via Oracle PR of Flickr, some rights reserved)

In any case, Tesla recently announced two new board members. The company's first board, Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, was predestined. Its human resources background (starting with Walgreens to Kelloggs) brings Tesla as a critical HR expertise, as the company is preparing for rapid growth. But investors also liked the second new Tesla additive – a Silicon Valley icon that could be pulled back with musk – Larry Ellison.

"Yes, this is what Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, and one of the richest people in the world who made the camera together with the muscle in Iron Man 2 ", notes Green Car Reports. In the early 1990s, Ellison sat on another board. When Steve Jobs continued the control and catapulted Apple to new heights, it was Ellison, who Jobs recruited to join Apple's board of directors.

"Legend of the Silicon Valley, Ellison built Oracle into a global power plant from scratch … [turning] Oracle is the world's largest provider of corporate databases and other essential back-office software and services. "And," Ellison has 3 million shares of Tesla, about 1.7% of the company, worth about $ 1 billion, "reports LA Times.

Larry Ellison has already invested about $ 1 billion in Tesla. (Picture through Oracle PR of Flickr, some rights reserved)

Further, "With a fortune of $ 58 billion, which is ranked at the top of the list of Forbes billionaire billionaires, Ellison brings Hollywood-style glamor glamor style in Silicon Valley. He owns several houses along the beach in Malibu, sailing yachts, yachts, rides exotic cars and has practically the entire country of Lanai, one of the Hawaiian islands. "

By contrast, "The mache ranks 54th on the Forbes list with about $ 20 billion." Lloyd Greiff, head of an investment banking firm based in Los Angeles says: "Larry is a smart man, a strong guy, he is not going to be someone's boss … And he will pay attention [to Tesla] for all reasons, including his own wallet ".

However, "74-year-old Ellison is one of Glasgow's loudest supporters and described him as" a very close friend "at a financial analyst's meeting in October." Ellison quickly condemned those who staggered to their keyboards, criticizing the management of Musk capabilities earlier this year.

Ellison talks about Tesla, Elon Musk, and why he invested in the company. (YouTube: Bloomberg Technology)

"This man is landing a rocket," Ellison said to Tesla and SpaceX's CEO. "You know, he's landing rockets on robotic drone rafts in the ocean, and you say he does not know what he's doing." "Who else is rocket launcher? Have you ever flown a rocket to a robot drone?" "Who are you?"

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