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What famous guests were in Liam Hemsworth and the Miley Cyrus Wedding?

It seems that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth tied the knot. While there is no official confirmation that they are now married, on Sunday photos were released showing that the couple is cut into a wedding cake on reception.

Then on Wednesday, Miley seemed to confirm that the wedding happened when she shared several photos of her and Hemsworth on Instagram, including one with the title "10 years later".

In the tagged photos, the Singing Balls Singer wears a white dress, while Hunger Games the actor deals with the tuxedo as they prepare to cut into two-level cake covered with white frosting and decorated with flowers. Another picture shows the bubbles of Ms. and Mrs. in the background. The accompanying surfer of the couple, Conrad Jack Carr, announced the story of Instagram.

Who attended Miley's secret wedding?

The "secret" wedding seems to be a modest and unconnected relationship in the couple's home in Franklin, Tennessee. (Their home in Malibu was destroyed earlier this year in a forest fire.) Miley Miley Tys Cyrus was there, dressed in jeans and black tops, as well as the sisters of Miley Brandy and singer actress Noah.

At least two Hemsworth brothers were also at the event. The picture shows Chris Hemsworth-Tor of Marvel – and Luke Hemsworth, best known for his work on HBO Westworld, making snapshots.

One person who was supposedly not at the wedding was Miley Billy Ray Cyrus's father. The singer Achy Breaky Heart could not be there for "personal reasons," an anonymous source told Radio Radar.

Why the couple decided on an intimate wedding

Cyrus and Hemsworth had a relationship again after meeting the set The last song in 2009. They engaged in 2012, when Hemsworth gave a 3.5 carat ring to Neil Lane. But the engagement was not smooth sailing, and they called it a few times to give up on them before fixing things for good in 2016. Surviving the loss of their home in California in November at Woolsey Fire has just strengthened their relationship.

The couple were reportedly called "husband" and "wife" as a joke even before they were married. But, Cyr has previously said she is in no hurry to marry and that her engagement is a sign of dedication.

Cyrus also reportedly wanted a small affair instead of a big deal if she married. "Miley is pretty unyielding about having a small private ceremony," a source told us for the magazine "Us" in 2017. "But, Liam wants a really big wedding, so I'm sure he will have to compromise."

Miley Tysh's mother confirmed that her daughter does not want a huge wedding. "Of course, you would probably [want a big wedding], "Tis told Mario López when he was a guest on his radio show On with Mario the previous summer. "She will never do that, I do not think. She is a simple, simple girlfriend."

She seems to have won her desire.

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