Friday , July 30 2021

Watch NYE Moment – Hollywood Life

Happy New Year to everyone, except the umbrella that maliciously attacked Chrysse Teigen! The unfortunate 2019 year of Chrissy is extremely rude after hitting her face, but … it's pretty funny. Look at it here!

We are less than an hour in the new year, and we already have the best meme of 2019. Let's give it up Chrissy Teigen getting her face crushed by an umbrella as she tries to embrace her Leslie Jones! So, Chrissie had a dinner filled with fun during the hosting New Year's EBC show with Carson Daily and Leslie. Everything was wonderful! But as the clock struck midnight, all hell broke out. We are dramatic, however. As you can see in the video below, Chrisy is trying to get into a hug and kiss to celebrate the fall of the ball with Saturday night live star. An easy problem: Leslie, who is much higher than Chrissy, bends over her embrace and Chicks Chrysis in the face. Lucky for us, Lesley's umbrella is clear, so that we can see Chris's expression in slo-mo. That. E. Amazing. See below, in real time and with slow motion.

God is just … so ridiculous. Do not get it wrong; we completely feel bad about Chrissy, and for Leslie for the whole collection she's likely to receive, but we're really grateful for the immediate content of the meme we were given. Maybe 2019 will be amazing! It's time to add a gif of what's happening to our Chrissy Teigen reaction gifs folder along with her Oscar and sleep completely during her husband's time, John LegendPerformance of the same Oscar. We love her so much. This can be the highest in the time when she became angry with her palm while trying to praise her Jen Atkin, which she jokes call "insurance scamming."

Other moments of a really spectacular New Year's Eve were included Christina Aguilera pulling out a mixture of her biggest hits while wearing a dress from a needle The film of Lizzy Meguyer, New children on the block dancing in the rain and trying not to slip, and Dua Lipa wearing a real skater while sang "The New Rules" in Hollywood. What an incredible night!

For all the best photos of New Year's Eve, go through our gallery HERE! We can not promise that you will love something more than this post Chrissy, but the pictures are still pretty cool!

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