Tuesday , September 29 2020

WARMINGTON: Ron MacLean is thinking about his future


He is called Judas. Pontius Pilate. Brutal, too.

But as Ron McLean heard these references, he said there was only one truth when it came to how he felt about Donald S. Ferry.

"I love Don," he said.

From his voice you can tell that these were not easy days for Maclin. He worries about the well-being of his close friend and the criticism he faced for his response after last week's controversial coaching corner.

After all, they had been partners in the coach's corner for 35 years until Remembrance Day when Cherry was fired from Sportnet for saying that "you guys coming here" should wear poppies to honor the troops who provided this way of life and freedom.

McLean took to Twitter and appeared on Sunday night Hometown Hockey broadcast, sorry.

But he had no idea he would never appear again with Cherry on the coach's corner.

“It all happened so fast. I wish we had another day, "he said.

And now he's faced with trying to find out what's next?

He spent Wednesday at a meeting of the CBC headquarters with Sportsnet brass and manufacturers to work on exactly that.

"I'm thinking," McLean said Wednesday. "I take these days to sort them out and order what I'll say on Saturday."

It will be interesting to see how Hockey Night in Canada will handle the first interview. It's a huge hole that needs to be filled.

My suggestion is that everyone stop trying to sink this ship.

Hopefully they'll be able to get their heads around it and be able to get the coach back where it belongs.

Forgive Don for a little fame. Forgive Ron for his reactions to what was clearly difficult.

Make adjustments to those who feel hurt by what they think Cherry was trying to say.

And then come back to entertain the audience on Saturday night.

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