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Wall Street's two-day rally disappears from techno-weakness of Reuters oil

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From Honey Singh

(Reuters) – US stocks struggled on Friday to continue their rally on the third day in a row, reduced by a drop in the energy and technology sector at the end of a week, breathed in the market.

Sunday starts with Badnik's worst fall before Wall Street, followed by the Dow Jones Industrial Average () record for the record of 1.000 plus on Wednesday and a staggering twist late on Thursday, which provided two days of gains.

The trend continued on Friday, while the three main indices ranged between profits and losses. The low ones, however, were to a lesser extent, with the S & P 500 increasing 0.78 percent before falling 0.64 percent to a low session.

Technological reserves (), which were powered at a rally earlier this year and were at the center of the recent withdrawal, were flat, while energy reserves () fell by 0.33 percent.

Maintaining the market are financial () and health () sectors, to about 0.4 percent.

"We are seeing some great steps today and expect the wild rides to continue, like those we've seen in the last few days of trading," said Ryan Naumann, a market strategist at Informa Financial Intelligence at Zefir Cove, Nevada.

"Since the beginning of October, investors are more defensive, instead of buying a dip, they are selling the rally. They are looking to gain benefits when they can," Nauman added.

One shock absorber was a report that showed housing purchase contracts previously owned fell unexpectedly in November, the last sign of a weakness in the housing market in the United States.

At 11:36 am, ET, Dow Jones Industrial Average () rose 20.07 points, or 0.09 percent, to 23,158.89, while the S & P 500 () grew by 2.33 points or 0.09 percent to 2491 , 16. Nasdaq Composite () was 5.59 points, or 0.08 percent, to 6.585.08.

While the three indexes are step-by-step to cut losses for three consecutive weeks, they are still down 9 percent for December and are on track for their biggest annual percentage drop since 2008.

Investors entered in 2019 with a list of worries ranging from US and China tensions, rising interest rates and the cooling economy, to the partial shutdown of the US government, which began on Saturday.

Among the shares, Tesla Inn (O 🙂 increased by 2.9 percent after electric cars called Oracle Corp. (N 🙂 co-founder Larry Ellison and CEO of the Walgreens Boots Alliance Firewall (O 🙂 Kathleen Wilson-Thompson as two independent board directors.

The advancement of the questions surpassed the numerous downsizing players with a 1.59 on 1 ratio on the NYSE and 1.66 to 1 ratio of Nasdaq.

The S & P index did not notice new heights of 52 weeks and no new falls, while Nasdaq recorded four new heights and 52 new falls.

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