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BC Hydro warns homeowners who are making elaborate holiday lighting shows that these decorations can significantly increase energy costs.

A new report by Crown says the load on the lighting of the exterior lighting has fallen by 40 percent by 2011, as LED lights replace the glaring lamps, but the trend towards larger displays has increased the load by 15 percent since then.

Popular inflated holiday decorations are among the worst offenders, because Hydro says they are usually stretching day and night.

The BC Hydro report reveals that nearly 60 percent of households spend a holiday, and one in five of those households use at least eight light-headed directions.

Hidro also estimates that about a third of the lights are still in use, and it is said that if the notorious holiday in the National Lampoon film is bombarded, it will cost $ 4.7 million.

The report says the bill will be reduced to around $ 50, if the lights are LED and calls Hydro users to switch to an energy-efficient version.


Canada is one month after implementing a federal carbon tax, aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in our countries, but a new Angus Reid survey shows that Canadians are divided into climate change.

The report notes that one-in-three Canadians are skeptical about whether climate change is a fact triggered by human activity.

The study also points out that the demographic differences between Canadians of age and political ideology are the main differences in this issue.

Young Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 seem to have an increased sense of concern compared to older respondents regarding the threat of climate change.

Then, there is a policy, while more than four out of five voters of the Liberal and New Democrats believe climate change is a fact, that number falls on only a third of those who voted for the Conservative Party in 2015.

Other key findings include:

  • Half Canadians (49%) say they have noticed significant changes in their local climate. Another 37 percent say they think they noticed changes, but not major ones
  • Nine out of ten Canadians say they believe global temperatures are rising. This is reduced to 71 per cent of Conservative voters and approaches unanimity between the liberals (95 per cent) and the New Democrats (96 per cent).
  • While three-quarters of Canadians say that something can be done to reduce global climate change, they are less convinced that they can have an impact on themselves. In general, six to ten (61%) say they feel they can personally help – this feeling is the highest in Quebec (80%)

Victoria is interested in larger cruise ships with a $ 1.9 million federal investment at the Ogden Point cruise terminal.

"This is the busiest call port throughout Canada. There will be 265 cruise passengers who will make their home here at some point next year, with over 700,000 passengers," Marko Mendicino, Parliamentary Secretary of the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities .

The Port Authority for Greater Victoria will add an additional $ 4.9 million for the project, which will see the Pier B terminal extending 55 meters to accommodate larger ships.

"We expect to have an increase of $ 160 million in the local economy," said the author of the port, Sterter Ross, for KTV.

Officials hope to complete the project by March 2019.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island


TransLink is investigating a video showing a bus driver in Vancouver who reads a newspaper in traffic.

The traffic in Georgia was near a halt on Thursday when a pedestrian shot the incident.

"There was a void in front of him, and he lowered it and drove a little and started re-reading his own newspaper," Rodney Shuppe told KTV News. "For me, it seemed a little strange that you would have someone who is a professional bus driver with board passengers who will decide to fundamentally to spend time reading a newspaper while being stuck in traffic."

TransLink spokesman Chris Brian said that the hustle had put off some buses for more than an hour.

"It's important for us to consider it more closely, and if it's a distracted ride, then we will definitely follow this operator," he told KTV.

The incident could result in a $ 368 fine and, according to the Ministry of Transport, an additional $ 175 fine.

Police say no one is released from the law.

"Personally, as a traffic enforcement officer, I would take action on that person, if possible," said KPL. Mike Khalkov from the RCMP Traffic Services.

"Though you are in traffic, you are still considered to be driving."

– with files from CTV Vancouver

Shantel Dicon

It will be a great weekend for the local mountains, especially in the mountain resort of Revelstown, with an open day in the Saturday room.

During the Sun Peaks River near Kamloops, all three mountains were officially open for the winter season.

"It's open weekend, it's the most anticipated day of the year," said Kevin Manuel, director or marketing at Revelstown Mountain Resort. "There is not a lot of snow here in the valley, but it's a different world top."

"We can actually have one of the deepest snowfall in North America at the moment."

The base sits at about 115 centimeters, with over 60 centimeters of snowfall in the last week.

"We got what we get before the opening day, but it looks like it's the perfect scenario for sunshine and skiing."

The conditions look good enough at Sun Peaks Resort to officially open all three mountains to the public.

"We had really good snow during the week," said Christina Antoniak, marketing communications director at Sun Peaks Resort. "We had a little snow almost every day."

The mountain received almost 30 centimeters of snow in the last seven days.

"During the weekend, we have projected dams, so that we can expect new snow every day," Antoniak said.

The Alpine base is currently about 90 centimeters deep.

"The conditions are very good at this time of the year, given the slow start of the season we saw in the province."

Check out the High Five Day of Sun Peaks this Sunday in the Sun Peaks and destroyed for a great reason.

A donation of $ 5 per person plus non-infaminating food will bring you alpine or Nordic lifts for the day.

All donations and proceeds go to the Kampops Food Bank.

It's almost a week from the SilverStar Mountain Resort near Vernon opened for alpine skiing and over the last six days, they've seen a lot of fresh dust.

"Friday will see the best chance of snow on SilverStar, although isolated gigs are still possible this weekend," said Wesla Wong, a weatherstar with SilverStar. "The interruptions of the sun are not beyond question, in fact, by next week we will see a slightly drier trend.

"More snow arrives just in time at the weekend with the level of frozen co-operation".

A large white ski resort near Kelowna is open for just over a week and expect great driving conditions over the weekend for a long time.

"About half of our mountain will be open," says Michael J. Balinggall, senior vice president of the "Big White Ski Resort".

Most of the tracks that will be opened this weekend will be blue and green tracks, says Ballinggall.

"We're in the conditions of the start of the season, we expect more snow."

Snow in Big White is sitting at about 90 centimeters.

"This is a great start to the year for us with that snow base and we know that more snow is on the way."

Apex Mountain Resort near Penticton is almost ready to open, with the opening day of December 8th.

Continue to check Castanet weekly for snow conditions in most local mountains.

November 29, 2018 / 18:55 | Story:

An earthquake measuring 4.5 degrees reached about 16 kilometers southwest of Fort St. John.

Earthquakes Canada says they felt in Fort St. John, Taylor, Chetwind, and Dawson Creek.

She says there are no reports of damage.

Residents say that on social media they felt tremors around 5:30 pm.

A Twitter user in Fort St. John says she felt her "full residential building shaking as the top floor collapses."

Taylor's public library on Twitter says employees "felt a rattle".

The winner of the $ 1 million guaranteed prize in the Lotto 649 competition on November 24.

Mark Laforest of Cranbrook says it will be an extra special Christmas.

"I want to give each of my brothers and sisters an envelope with a check for $ 100,000 … they will be so shocked," he said.

Laforesta said they heard someone in Cranbrook won the $ 1 million award while attending the Gray Cup party. At home the next morning, he pulled the numbers on the BCLC website and checked them several times to be sure.

Laforest also plans to check several things from his bucket list.

"Africa – it's a journey I've always dreamed of. The main priority, however, is the family," he said. "This victory will allow my family to enjoy life a little more."

Police are seeking witnesses and pictures of cartoon photos after a teenage girl was dragged into a forest area and sexually assaulted in East Vancouver on Tuesday.

The 14-year-old was taken off the Kingway bus around 5 am. and walked north to Miller Street.

Police say she was grabbed from behind and retreated into the bushes in Park Breweries, on the commercial street. The attacker sexually assaulted the girl before heading east to the park.

The suspect is described as white, in the late 20s, with a mean structure, short brown hair, brown eyes and straw on his face. He wore a jacket, blue jeans and black boots.

Police require video footage of all those who may have drove into the area between 2:30 am. and 6 am. on November 27.

Each of the informants should call the VPD Sexual Crime Section at 604-717-0602 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

The charges were passed after the theft of the poppy-donating box at the Kokitlam Library.

The theft took place on November 7.

Victor Hansen, 51, is accused of distracting the library employee and using a sharp tool to reduce the strap on the donation box. Police say it is known for similar crimes.

An arrest warrant was issued for a resident of Port Coquitlam on charges of stealing $ 5,000.

"With the holiday season to raise funds in full swing, keep your vita on you when collecting money. Make sure the donation boxes and funds are properly provided by light theft," CPL. Michael McLaughlin in a press release.

A considerable number of guns and suspicious drugs are out of the streets thanks to the Surrey RCMP.

Police seized it as part of a probe into an incident from threat reporting.

CPL. Elenore Sturco said that the RCMP, with the help of the Ganges Implementation Team, the strike force and the disaster response team, arrested a 21-year-old man from Surrey after receiving a report that he allegedly uttered threats and pointed out firearms November 26.

Surrey RCMP made a search warrant for a stay in the Whalley area on November 29.

"As a result, investigators seized and seized a significant number of suspected cocaine and methamphetamine, along with six pistols, seven magazines for firearms, two silencers and over 100 rounds of ammunition," said Sturko.

The investigation is ongoing, and the charges have not been filed at this time.

The 21-year-old man, who is associated with people with links to the Lower Continent's gang conflict, is currently in custody.

"During the investigation, not only did our officers succeed in arresting violent individuals, but they also carried six guns and ammunition from the street," said Sgt. Kirk Duncan of the Surrey Investigation Unit in Surrey. "Given the amount of seized weapons and drugs, this investigation is likely to lead to a recommendation from a number of charges."

Anyone who has information about this incident should call the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502, or remain anonymous, contact criminal switches at 1-800-222-8477 or www.solvecrime.ca.

29 November 2018 / 14:18 | Story:

The city of Vancouver says it has collected $ 21 million in the first full year of its empty tax, and another 17 million can still enter its cash register.

The city said in a press release that it expects to generate about $ 38 million from the first year of the tax applicable to vacant residential buildings in an effort to ease Vancouver's vacancy rate of one percent.

The city said it had published just over 186,000 residential buildings and 2,538 of them were vacant.

She says the tax declaration period for the second year is open on February 4th.

City staff will continue to monitor the tax burden on housing supply and availability, and the announcement says that tax generated revenues will be used for housing initiatives eligible in Vancouver.

The city says that $ 8 million raised from last year's tax has already been earmarked for concrete incentives for affordable housing.

The gang force coercive unit in Surrey arrested the famous violent perpetrator after the traffic stopped on Tuesday night.

Twenty-four-year-old Matthew Porter, from Vancouver, a man with well-known bridal ties, is charged with two counts of assaulting a peacekeeper, 1 counting of a dangerous motor vehicle operation and 1 counting of cancellation to stop the police.

The 24-year-old man, who has a history of violence, was detained and arrested in the Newton area of ​​Surrey.

The incident occurred only after 6:00 am. on November 27. When Surrey SGET tried to stop the vehicle in the 14400 block on the 80th Avenue. The driver stopped, at the outset, before shifting the vehicle in the opposite direction and escaping from the scene.

The police did not continue the car, but followed it near the ankles, where they saw two men fleeing the scene.

One of the men was located and arrested in a block of 140 from the street 8300 and the other is still at large.

Police also found drugs during the investigation, and other items in line with drug trafficking.

"Our gang enforcement team continues to work against drug trafficking, tapping and investigating criminals working in our city," says Cpl. Elenore Sturko. "A simple traffic station can often be the first step in a larger investigation and criminal charges."

The investigation is ongoing.

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