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Waffle House 17 Avenue blames the closure of tax increases, road construction

Sam Freley, owner of Paul Waffles, said his business was heavily impacted by the massive increase in property taxes and ongoing road closures for the revitalization project on the 17th Avenue, taking away business from normally run shops and restaurants. Fryley set his 17 Ave S.W. location in Calgary on Sunday, December 30, 2018.

Jim Wales / Postmedia

The Calgary restaurant owner says he is considering a new business model after high commercial property taxes and low traffic, thanks to the construction of the 17th Avenue, made it impossible to turn into profit.

But closing the doors can open a window for the restaurant to do something different, removing the brick and mortar model in favor of selling meals in "market styles".

Sam Freley, founder of Pastry Waffles from the pate, said his bottom line was severely hit by closing the road for a revitalization project on the 17th Avenue, taking away business from normally run shops and restaurants.

"We lost half of our income that year for four months," Freley said of a construction project in the city that closed the entire traffic before Passing.

Add to property tax on property raised from $ 11,000 to $ 25,000 in recent years, and Frili said he was left with no choice but the store in the new year.

Although Fryley called it a "frustrating" battle to keep clients returning to the Waffles House of majors in difficult economic times, closure could pave the way for a new business opportunity.

Sam Freely, owner of fine waffles from sour cream, puts on his 17 Ave S.W. the location in Calgary on Sunday, December 30, 2018. The popular restaurant is closed due to a number of increased costs and lost revenue due to construction. Jim Wales / Postmedia

Jim Wales / Postmedia

Fryli said that opening booths in places such as farmers markets can solve his visibility and problems with blade traffic.

"It was kind of an epiphany that what we're fighting in Calgary is density … if you do not have that organic density in Calgary, these places can create that density for you."

Shops along the retail strip have repeatedly expressed concern over the downsizing of the construction business, which closed all four traffic lanes on the 17th avenue SV. a block at a time when crews are moving westward from Trail Macleod to the 14th street.

Amber Rudy, director of provincial affairs with the Canadian Independent Business Federation, said the city could do more to support businesses affected by construction, such as offering a "financial boost" to the project to complete the project early or "punish" for a pass schedule.

"This is out of dust and dirt and parking inconvenience. This goes to people's business, it actually loses revenue and can not be sustained," Rudy said.

As for the tax burden felt by small businesses in Calgary, Rudy said the city should find ways to cut the budget instead of focusing on "cost retention" if it wants to support businesses that run on the financial advantage.

Rudy says a recent federation study showed the city spends "almost twice as sustainable" and needs to "understand a way to control its operational budgets" or risk pulling more businesses out.


Matermick's closing was announced on the internet Friday, and Frili said the next weekend was the busiest restaurant in the restaurant since opening more than three years ago.

Fryley said he hopes to open another Malino site in the future, but "hesitant to sign a lease in Calgary," adding that he is exploring licensing and franchising opportunities for the restaurant in other Canadian cities.

Restaurants can be risky business ventures, and Fryley acknowledged that he "rolled the cubes".

But he said the city turned local businesses into a "double impact" from raising taxes and slowing down construction work, calling the ongoing roadwork a "blow to business".

The teams worked on a revitalization project on the 17th Avenue of $ 44 million from January 2017.

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