Sunday , April 18 2021

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. says he is "proud" for making debut in Canada

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is officially Toronto Blue JJ.

The team released a 20-year call from third-placed Bippa on Friday before a Toronto-based game against the Auckland athletics.

Guerrero was fifth in the Friday's quilt game. He was imprisoned in the third base.

Guerrero, whose spring training was broken due to hair injury, started the season in the smaller leagues and broke out .367 with 1,124 OPS in eight matches in Buffalo before Blue Jays would be called on Wednesday.

Television cameras captured Guerrero, arriving at the center of Rodgers early in the morning, wearing the shirt number 27, and his father at the Hollywood Hall wore eight seasons in Montreal.

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Rob Pico watches the expected debut of Guerrero Jr. on Friday evening, while Toronto Blue Jays hosts the Oakland athletics. 2:49

Guerrero said he had done so to pay tribute to his father.

"After I was a kid, I ran around with my father at the club in Montreal," said Guerrero, speaking at a press conference before the match. "I just wanted to get it back today."

Guerrero was born in Montreal and raised in the Dominican Republic.

"I am very happy, very proud to have debuted here in Canada," said Guerrero.

Turin Blu Jesse rookie Vladimir Guerrero Jr. enters a press conference on Friday before his debut in the main league. (Mark Blinch / Canadian Press)

"This is like nothing I have ever seen," said James GM Atkins said the attention Guerrero has won. "I've never seen this level of attention on a guy who makes his debut.

"It's such a good story for baseball. He's more aware of most city and country play."

He signed a $ 3.9m contract with Blue Jays as a 16-year international free agent in 2015 by the previous GM, Alex Antopoulos.

Toronto fans eagerly awaited Guerrero's debut since he proved his dominance on the record at every level of the small league. He equalized the double-jump in 2018, winning an incredible 402 to 61 games, and then continued his mastery with an average of 336 in 30 matches with Buffalo.

Other perspectives in the pipeline

Guerrero said Buffalo manager Bobbi Meahme broke the news of the call to him with a little joke.

Mecham called Gerero on Wednesday to tell him he must work on his defense with the triple team. When Guerrero told him that he understood, Meacham replied that there was a problem – he went to a big league.

Guerrero Jr. is just the first of Toronto's first appearances this year, with Bi Bias, Kawan Bigio's colors and Knight Pearson's highest prospect, apparently one or two years.

If all goes according to the plan, and these prospects fulfill their promise, Jayson could appear faster than most predictions predict, according to Toronto director Randall Grichuk, recently signed for a five-year contract worth $ 52m.

"They have very good, young talented players coming in. They have the financial ability to sign some pieces if they feel we need a piece here or there," Grichuk told PS Sport. "And, we want to win, we are dedicated to victory, so if you put it all together over the next five years, it shouts good deep depths in the playoffs and a chance to win." Definitely, something I wanted to be part of ".

Blue Jays option infielder Richard Urena yes Buffalo make a place for Guerrero.

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