Monday , August 2 2021

[VIDEO] Kevin Hart hosting Oscars? – See the interview with Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres goes out of her way to ensure that Kevin Hart hosts the Oscars Awards in 2019. As promised on the Internet, Hart makes a dramatic appearance in Friday's episode of the DeGeneres show, inviting him to reconsider his decision to step down.

In a series of clips released via EllenTube, the host tells Hart that he is in contact with the Academy, whose members still love him on that scene. "We want to host," she says on behalf of the Academy. "We feel that he may have been misunderstood, he has been wrongly acted, or maybe we have been misleading him … The academy says:" What can we do to make this happen? "(Oscars, currently without hosts, will be broadcast on Sunday, February 24 at ABC.)

To be fair, DeGeneres is not completely does not notice what put Hart in this situation in the first place. The interview recognizes the 2008 homophobic tweets that make people wonder if he should be hosted. However, she transfers those people into the category of "haters," telling Hart: "It's a small group of people who are very vocal. We are a huge group of people I love you and I want to see you as a host of Oscars."

Asked about the people who urged him to retire, Hart received a defensive charge, accusing the "Trotskyites" of directly attacking him by renewing his decades-old tweets. "It's an attack on my face," he explains. "It's an attack that will end it. It's bigger than just the Oscars … It was no coincidence that one day after I got the job, tweets were manifest since 2008."

"I do not have a homophobic bone in my body," said Hart, explaining that he had already apologized for his anti-LGBT material on several occasions, specifically quoting unpleasant interviews during his 2015 comedy "Will Ferrell" Take it hard. "I'm not yet returning to the immature version of the comedy I've ever seen … It was a guy who just wanted to laugh, and that was wrong."

He adds: "Once again, I'm sorry if these words hurt, I'm sorry, or my apology is accepted or not. You can not grow as a person unless you have mistakes."

DeGeneres finishes for hours in a row, repeating his desire to hart host to the Oscars, which says: "I promise you, I appreciate the conversation. Let me evaluate. You and I will talk first and foremost, that's my promise."

Then click PLAY on the three clips from the DeGeneres interview below weigh through our survey: Should Harth host the Oscars?

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