Sunday , January 17 2021

[VIDEO] Joopard host Alex Tredek offers health update, thank you fans

Great news, Danger! fans: Alex Trache says he is "good" – and he is already thinking about returning next season.

In the video upgrade released on Wednesday, for many years Danger! host gave us an upgrade for his health, after discovering last month that he is fighting Phase 4 pancreatic cancer. Noting that he is on the last day of shooting the 35th season of the popular syndicated quiz show, Trebek said: "Although you may have heard, I feel good, [and] I am continuing with my therapy. "He added that preparations for Season 36 of Danger! have already begun: "I look forward to seeing you again in September with all kinds of good things."

Trebek also took a moment to thank fans for "their constant message of encouragement and support" from his diagnosis. In particular, he thanked the young people for the many cards he had sent to him: "I was touched by words."

Host of Danger! Since 1984, Trebek has the support of producers Sony Pictures Television, who said in the statement: "If anyone can beat this, it's Alex. He has our full support as he tackles this challenge."

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