Sunday , January 17 2021

Vancouver Vancouver officer out after sending women's clothes in criminal cases, abuse

WEST VANCOUVER (VEST 1130) – An officer of Western Vancouver has abandoned his power after he has come to light, he sent bare pictures of himself to women involved in criminal and domestic abuse cases.

A quarterly report by the Office of the Police Complaints Officer for Police Complaints claims that the police officer hired no less than 25 cases in which he attempted to engage romantically with women while on duty. There were 14 allegations of "unauthorized use of police resources" and 11 allegations of "discrediting behavior" ranging from using his working phone to send offers to offer women assistance in removing their traffic cards.

"The police officer used mobile phones and computers to send messages, including the naked face of the vulnerable domestic violence customer," one statement says.

"The police officer used police databases (CPIC and PRIME) to ask this female friend," another tells.

And another one says: "The police officer used the department's email to send inappropriately emails to the victim of the ongoing high-risk domestic violence research".

The officer, who is not named in the report of the OPCK, resigned as the investigation of police acts is still ongoing. However, in each of the 14 allegations of equipment abuse, he received a five-day suspension, while 11 misconduct procedures would result in dismissal.

"The Discipline Office found that collectively, the behavior of the police officer was contradictory to what the police and the public were expecting from a police officer. The vulnerability of women who were the subject of the police officer's attention, especially when considering our current understanding of sexism, power, and culture, makes it much more difficult, "the report on the officer's case concludes.

"The police officer broke the trust of the public and police department to the point that nothing less than firing would be unusable."

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