Monday , August 2 2021

Tyler Madden scored two goals to help Finland's top finish preliminary in Junior

Fans of the Canucks were eager to follow Team United States at the World Junior Tournament for one reason: Quinn Hughes. The first round of the election of the Canucks from the draft test of 2018 was one of the biggest drawings of the tournament that was going on and for good reason: he is far better than his two points in four games.

It's another chance for Kanuks, which was the most pleasant surprise. Tyler Medden showed precisely why Judas Brockett and the scouting staff of the Canucks were so high on him when they prepared him in the third round in 2018. Against Finland, Madden was one of the best players in the US team, scoring two goals, including the possible game -Internet.

Madden is surprisingly essential to the US team, far from the depth of the player that can be expected to go. He played significant minutes, including the time of the penalty killing and power. Madden led all of the United States forward in ice time against Finland, playing 19:29, raising the average of 18:14, behind Josh Norris between the United States and the tournament.

There were many rides in the final game of the preliminary round for the United States and Finland: the winner avoided Canada in the quarter-finals, gaining a lighter match on the Czech Republic. In the end, it was not particularly close: the US team won convincingly, winning second in Group B with a 4-1 victory.

After Jason Robertson opened the result for the United States team, Medden scored 2-0 after a hard work to keep the show alive in the offensive zone. He hung Josh Norris's pile on boards and he returned to give-and-go to Meden at the back door with a superb pass. Madden picked up his wrist and defeated Finnish goalkeeper Uko-Pekka Lukkonen.

Madden's shot actually hit Luukkonen in the glove, but he had enough juice for the fact that, however, he took the keeper out of Lukkonen, he left the goal and the hole. This goal emerged as the winner of the match when Finland scored late in the third period.

Ryan Poeling scored from a wrong angle to make it 3-0, giving Pahling five goals and eight points to lead the tournament in the achievement. After Madden returned in the third period, he moved to the second place of the US team in goal-play.

Mudden found the punishment that led to his goal by keeping his legs moving in the offensive zone, grasping the window of the Panthers, Alexey Heponiemi. Heponimi took a step toward his right and threw his shoulder at Medden, receiving a mixed sentence in the process.

In the next powerful game, Madden played a key role in keeping the package moving in the offensive zone, and then jumped on a loose sword in the sword in the match, lifting it under Lucukonen.

The goal was reassessed, most likely, checking whether the puck was hit or if Josh Norris's stick hit the Luckonen ramp enough to be considered to be a goalkeeper, but was held as a good goal.

Madden finished the game with an incredible eight blows to the goal, including seven in the third period, while trying to complete the trick of the hat-trick. Until he won the third goal, he was named a player for the US team, making him the second Canucks outlook for the day to earn his knowledge as the best player of his team.

For his part, Quinn Hughes was once again one of the first teams of the Team Team United States, with ease to move into the defensive zone either by sliding it or by passing it. It is wonderful to see that he has spent the puck from his end of the ice of this tournament, although it was less pleasant when his fantastic plays die at the footsteps of his teammates.

Hughes played 22:38 against Finland, second only to Mickey Anderson of the US squad. He runs on average the leading team 22:24 of the tournament.

The most intriguing development of world juniors this year may be the growing chemistry between Hughes and Madden. When they are together on ice, they seem to think the game in a similar way and are often found among themselves with the puck. It's wonderful to see; although apparently there is no guarantee that Madden becomes an influential NHL player as expected from Hughes, his ability to keep pace with Hughes is a good sign.

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