Sunday , May 16 2021

Troubled drink began to fall apart, leading to the death of Calgary Stampede, the trial is heard

The dispute that began with a tipped drunk drink ended with Stampers' footballer who was shot dead in front of the Calgary Bar in 2016, reportedly Nelson Lugel's murder trial began on Monday.

Luguela, 21, pleaded not guilty to the second-degree murder in the death of Milan Hicks, who was a 23-year-old defender with Stampeders.

Hicks's mother, René Hill, was crying for grief in the courtroom, while prosecutor Tom Sparks expose the Crown case in an introductory statement on justice Keith Yamahaou on Monday morning.

Hicks was on the list of exercises for Calgary when he was killed early in the morning on September 25, 2016.

"Aggressive talk"

Lugela went to the market for beer markets with two friends.

He brought a loaded semi-automatic pistol, according to Sparks, who left him in the silver SUV outside the club.

Inside the club, several Stampeders players celebrated victory over Winnipeg Blue Bomber.

The team won the match with the last second goal. "This was a great victory for us," said Liverpool striker Derek Dennis, who was the first prosecution witness.

The players arrived at the bar around 11:30 am.

The coach bought a drink for the defendant

Dennis told the court that Stampede kidnapper Renee Paredes was on a desk to drink a drink when the person behind him thought Paredes had collided with him and sipped his drink.

Then started a "fairly aggressive conversation," Denis said.

A few of Paredes' teammates noted they were upset and came to halt escalation, Dennis said.

He told the court that the man who said his drink was spilled and his friends, including Lugela, wanted to remove the argument out.

But the players told him they did not want the fight to turn physically and instead tried to "calm down tensions," according to Denis.

One of the coaches bought a peace offer of six to 10 shots for the angry man and his friends, including Lugela, but the behavior of the other group has made him nervous, Dennis told the judge.

"I felt like they were real hostile."

Denis asked the wearer to remove the other men, but it was said that everything was "OK".

Lugela "seemed to like to do something," Dennis told the court.

Hicks shoot twice

Hicks and his team-mates have started making plans to go to Denny's restaurant when the club closes around 2 am.

The crown claims that Lugela pulled out the pistol and entered another brief confrontation with Stampeders outside before firing Hicks twice.

Hicks, who is native to Detroit, died shortly thereafter at the hospital.

Lugela and his two friends flew, throwing the gun in a nearby recycling bin, Sparks is allegedly being tried.

The trio was detained for an hour.

Shredder residues

Evidence will be presented to show that Luguela had remnants of firearms on his arm, said the Crown.

Sparks said the Crown will call 33 witnesses over the next five days, including many eyewitnesses of the shooting.

One witness is one of Lugel's friends who was at the club and witnessed the shooting, and then he helped the police drive a SUV and threw a gun.

Defense attorney Alain Hepner represents Lugela.

Many of the Stampeders players will testify at the trial, which was deliberately postponed until the recent Gray Cup match that Calgary won.

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