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Toll for racquet racing? – No police use of funds from numerous events for walking / running hosted for charity | Leading stories

Road races, races and walks have become the latest craze for people who want exercise and the first call for several entities trying to raise funds, but they are unregulated, there is no entity that checks what happens with the money collected and little control over how and when they are kept.

This has raised concerns in several communities, with at least two reports lately about travel walks, where the entities scheduled to receive funds have yet to receive a dollar.

Among those expressing concern is the Minister of Health, Dr. Christopher Taffton, who called for strengthening protocols for the gift policy of the ministry, based on the reality that events such as five kilometers of wounds / walks are increasingly being promoted as incentives to raise funds for hospitals or health care facilities.

"I am concerned and I am concerned about the degree to which certain events in the name of health, and in particular the hospitals, have been mounted and promoted and sponsored, without, in my opinion, appropriate levels of transparency and management of where these funds are being made "he said.

"My concerns have prompted me to look at specific protocols on the policy of a gift we have in the ministry," Taffon said Sunday Gliner.

According to Taffton, although he does not want to stifle the efforts of money collectors, he wants more transparency.

"There are several cases where I am worried. I am cautious in my approach to addressing these problems, because I do not want to discourage the true and sincere efforts that help in health, and in the case of 5x, there is an added benefit of promoting physical activity , which I think is important, "Taffon said.

He noted that the organizers of these paths / walks generally need to get permission from a number of agencies to host such an event. This includes police and local municipal authorities. The Ministry of Health is usually required to provide ambulance services.

"From that point of view, permission must be sought and allowed to formally host the event. With this, in terms of the reasons that these events promote and support, I will be ready to say that it is pretty ad hoc, "said Taffton.

He stressed that on a global level, there have been several cases where persons raised money to support the institutions and the money was not used for the advertised cause.

"We want to foster philanthropic efforts, we want to encourage support, because health systems anywhere in the world, even in developed countries, can not survive or survive, as well as only government allocations, and even private salaries Service.

"There is always a very strong component of gift or giving, friends of foundations, charities, non-governmental organizations," Taffton said.

"I firmly believe in partnership and although I want to encourage it, at the same time we certainly do not want anyone to think that the process is abusing, so I think a protocol is needed," Taffton added.

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