Friday , May 14 2021

Thousands of people still have no power in the snow, strong winds shook Atlantic Canada

Thousands of households still live in the dark after a heavy snow storm came through the Atlantic Canada, forcing several schools and hotbeds to be positioned across the region on Friday.

The biggest snowstorm that occurred over the Canadian coast on Thursday occurred with strong winds and wet, strong snowfall that led to several power lines throughout the region during the day.

Powerful interruptions peaked on Thursday for more than 300,000 users – with nearly 250,000 of those New Scotland power users. That number has since dropped to about 11,000 in the province.

The combination of strong wind and moist snow reduced the powerful columns. (Brian Higgins / PS)

The remains that remain remain concentrated in northern and northeastern Nova Scotia, with most of them in Amherst, Stellarton and Tatamagusche.

The company says it will update the recovery time during the day.

"Restoration is particularly challenging in the northeast of the province, where crews deal with trees that are in contact with power lines and wires," said Shawn Borden, the leader of Nova Scotia Power.

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In PII, the outages reached the highest point of 80,000 for Maritime Electric with all 7,000 Summerside Electric customers as well. On Friday morning, more than 5,000 marine electrical customers were still hit by outbursts.

Teams outside the province are helping to restore power, and the company said the clearing job will continue.

"We are still in the regime of a major storm reconstruction. Cleaning will be fine in days and weeks ahead of us," said Kim Griffin, spokesman for Maritime Electric.

In addition, problems with the underwater cable that connect the network to New Brunswick turn off the flow of electricity from the mainland.

In New Brunswick, more than 6,000 electricity consumers from NB still lack electricity. At the peak of the storm, NB Power nearly 46,000 customers without electricity after 80 km / h winds hit the province.

Most of the consumers still affected are in the county of Kent, where about 3,000 households face outbursts.

Mark Belive, spokesperson for NB Power, said more than 90 teams have renewed their power throughout the province. The power is expected to be returned to residents somewhere on Friday.

Meanwhile, Belliveau requires buyers to stay away from broken lines or wood strings, as well as households with no power to exclude items.

"This cold cargo pickup causes repetitive interruptions while restoring power and slowing down our progress," he said.

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