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The young Beluga will not give in – Canada

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A group of seawater explorers say that the young whale whale is too attached to the coastal areas for its own good.

Nepi, estimated to be around four years old, was spotted at Summerside, PI, at the beginning of December, much of the joy of the local diving class.

"We heard one whale or something we thought something was blowing, and then this whale appeared," recalls Kimball Johnston, an instructor in a diving program at the Dutch College.

The group, which included Johnston and 11 students, thought the whale would swim and move away. Instead, Nepi is hanging around the divers for several hours.

"He began to come around and was more curious, and dived among our divers, and kept himself closer and closer to the point where he was next to them and they could see him very, very clearly," he said.

Johnston, who has been diving for more than 20 years, said he had never seen a beluga so close to the island.

While the students were excited to be in such close places with a whale, Johnston said they did not chase or receive Nepi to stay with them.

"We were there doing something and he was there doing his job," he said. "We just dealt with our business and he just kept coming in."

Robert Michoud, scientific director of the Quebec Marine Research and Education Group, says it is worrying to see that the young beluga becomes friendly with people while away from home – especially when a repeat offender such as Nepi is repeated.

The Michaud group first met the young whale in June 2017. After receiving a call for a beluga stuck in the mouth of the Nepisiguit River at Bathurst, NB, the group co-ordinated a rescue involving the move to the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, near Kakuna.

Mihhoud said rescue was an experiment.

"The St. Lawrence population is declining, they are threatened, so we wondered if animal rescue would help recover the population," he said. "The animal was not too far away from home, it was feasible, so we tried."

The marine research group put Nepi in order to follow it, but the unwilling whale managed to lose it after about 20 days.

One year after he withdrew from the network, Nepi was spotted by a wildlife photographer in Ingonish, NS, and the researchers managed to identify the whale watching the photos.

Now that the beluga reappeared in PII, Mihhoud said he was mystified about why Nepi found such primates.

"This young whale will be much better off associating with others of his species in the St. Lawrence area, which is why we moved him back to Kakuna," he said. "The question is why he comes back again. Is it the individual temperament of this man to be adventurous?"

When the beluga is too close to boats and people, Miho said, it can often lead to tragedy for descending species.

Mihhoud said the marine mammal research and education group listens to many cases in which a beluga was hit by a ship or hit by propellers and killed, and it is therefore dangerous to allow them to be too close and to encourage them to be fearless people and their vessels .

While most of the Beluga live in the Arctic, their southernmost residence is at the mouth of St. Lawrence: A critical belgian habitat that is protected under the Canadian Risk Law.

Since 2012, the mouth of St. Lawrence was home to about 900 belugas – although they say there could have been as many as 10,000 belugas in the estuary before 1885.

Mihoad has asked anyone who sees the beluga away from the mouth to tell the group in order to try to identify him, and added that while Nepi's dance has marine experts, he hopes the young whale will return home.


December 25, 2018 / 13:26 | Story:

The Federal Government and Irving-based shipbuilding based in Halifax are demanding from the commercial tribunal to expel the challenge of tackling large-scale competition to design a new $ 60 billion warship.

In separate submissions to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, the federal department of public procurement and Irving say the challenge filed by Alion Science and Technology from Virginia does not meet the requirements for hearing the tribunal.

Alion was one of the three companies, along with US defense boss Lockheed Martin and the Spanish firm Navantia, who were trying to design new warships that Irving should build and serve as a naval pillar for most of this century.

While Lockheed was chosen as the most preferred bidder and negotiated the final design contract with the government and Irving, Alion claimed that the company's design had not met the requirements of the navy and had to be disqualified.

Two of these requirements related to the speed of the ship, Alion claims, while the third concerned the number of crew ports. Alion asked the Commercial Court and the Federal Court to stop dealing with Lockheed.

But the government and Irving say the agreement is exempt from normal commercial laws, for which the tribunal has been charged with enforcing, due to a special "exception to national security", which means "it has no jurisdiction for the tribunal to conduct an investigation".

Another reason why the challenge should be quashed, they argue, is that Alion is not a Canadian company, which is a condition that it can request the tribunal to consider an appeal.

Alion's challenge is officially submitted by his Canadian subsidiary, but the government and Irving say the branch has never been eligible to be a tenderer in competition – only its US parent.

Government and Irving responses are the latest twist in the largest military procurement in Canadian history, featuring 15 new warships built to replace frigates of the Navy's 12 elderly Halifax classes and three already dismantled Irokia class destroyers.

The trade tribunal ordered the government not to hand over a final deal to Lockheed last month until it examined Alion's appeal, but abolished the order after senior procurement officials warned the deal was "urgent."

The Public Procurement Department did not explain why the contract is urgent.

Lockheed's bid was disputed from the moment the design contest was announced in October 2016.

The federal government initially said it wanted a "mature design" for its new warship, which was widely interpreted as a designation of a ship that was already built and used by another Navy.

But the first frigates of type 26, based on Lockheed's proposal, are now being built by the British government, and the design has not yet been tested in full operation.

There were also complaints from the industry that the deck was ordered in favor of Type 26 due to Irving's relationship with the British shipbuilder BAE, who originally designed the type 26 and teamed up with Lockheed to offer the ship to Canada.

Irving, who worked with the federal government to choose the top design, also teamed up with the BAE in 2016 for an unsuccessful attempt to maintain the new Arctic patrol vessels and navy supply ships.

This 35-year contract ended in another company.

Irving and the federal government have repeatedly rejected such complaints, saying they conducted numerous industry consultations and used various firewalls and safeguards to ensure that the election was fair.

But industry insiders have long warned that Lockheed's choice as a major bidder, coupled with numerous changes to terms and conditions for competition after it was launched – including a number of extreme extensions – would spark a litigation.

December 25, 2018 / 11:13 | Story:

Around 12,000 people in British Columbia still had no electricity at Christmas after the windstorm on Thursday.

Hydra Hydra spokeswoman Morra Scott said it would be "a few more days" before some people light up the lights.

Most of those who do not have power are on Vancouver Island and the southern bays on the islands, she said.

"We have about 90 teams working on the Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands today," Scott said. "The damage is really great, though in the remaining areas and their are still hundreds of individual outages, so it will take some time to restore the power of everyone."

Winds as much as 100 kilometers per hour ripped above the south of BC, breaking down trees and squeezing the energy lines, knocking power over 600,000 users.

Thursday's storm was the worst that BC Hydro saw in 20 years, and more than 800 field workers are working in a quarterly way to repair huge damage, the statement said.

Teams from far away as Atlantic Canada and Alberta were brought in to assist.

The hundreds of outbursts will require teams that will attend each of them individually to make repairs, including limiting hundreds of lines on lines and replacing electric pillars and transformers.


December 25, 2018 / 6:36 in the morning | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his annual Christmas message.

Happy Christmas, Canada.

Today, our family joins Christians all over the country and around the world to celebrate the birth of Christ.

It is time to spread the joy and to cheer, to appreciate our blessings and frequent traditions such as opening gifts, decorating the Christmas tree or separating a few Santa Clauses. We are also well in winter from coast to coast to coast.

And here in Canada, we always knew how to smile during the cold days and long nights, because this season is about bringing light to the people around us.

We also know that this is a difficult period for some families.

For members of the Canadian armed forces who are away from home, this is just one example of the many victims that you and your families are doing. We think of you. And we are grateful for everything you do for the Canadians.

We are also thinking about diligent Canadian families who could try to make ends meet with this Christmas. Our government is working to make things easier for you.

Whether it puts our first national housing strategy in action, supporting the elderly or placing more money in the pockets of nine out of ten Canadian Canadian families with Canadian children, we will always stand with you because that's what the Canadians do.

We retreat together with our families, our neighbors and people in need everywhere. We find strength in our differences and celebrate everything we have in common. And we are working to take care of each other and make life better for the people around us.

It's for Christmas and Canada.

So this season, and in the New Year, let's do it together, celebrate and build a brighter future for all of us.

From our family to yours, Sophie, Xavier, Ela-Grace, Adrian and I, we wish you joy, health, love and peace this season.

Merry Christmas.

The Canadian Food Safety Inspection Agency, published on December 14, 2018, has been updated to include additional product information. This additional information was identified during the food safety investigation of the Canadian food agency (CFIA).

Eat Smart Brand The Sugar Shake Salad (single serving) has been added to the withdrawal from the market due to the possible contamination of Listeria monocytogenes.

Consumers should not spend the withdrawn products described below:

Brand Name General Product Code Codes UPC

Eat cotton salad – Tropical lime 152 g Best before DEC 29 2018 DE 29
112 346 7 09351 30197 1

Eat chicken salad for shaking
– Asian Sesame 156 g Best before DEC 29 2018 DE 29
112 346 7 09351 30244 2

Eat chicken salad for shaking
– Sweet Kale 156 g Best before DEC 29 2018 DE 29
112 346 7 09351 30243 5

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) issues public advice and e-mail notifi cation notices for all high-risk calls (mainly Class I) when the product is available for sale or can be in consumer homes.

December 24, 2018 / 20:12 | Story:

Unless it really hurts, sending a letter to Santa Claus for the next Christmas will cost you more for nickel.

Beginning January 14, Canada Post said the cost of an individual stamp of a letter sent to Canada would be $ 1.05, rather than being bad. Other mail increments in the country range between one piece and 35 cents depending on the size of the letter.

The cost of sending letters to the United States will increase between seven and twenty cents, while abroad they will need an additional 15 to 20 cents to arrive there.

The new rates are the first increase since March 2014.

Canada Post says increases should generate revenues of $ 26 million for the postal service, of which 11 million will come from consumers, and the remaining $ 15 million from small and medium-sized businesses.

Regulatory text published on the internet Monday estimated that the new prices would cost the average Canadian household about 65 cents next year.

The average price for small businesses using postage stamps to pay a postage will be around $ 14.21.

Canada Post has long pointed to a decline in a letter mail as more Canadians opt to send messages instead of a written note. Regulatory text says the volume of the letter with the mail was almost reduced in the half of 2006 – about two billion letters – and along with that income for Crown Corporation.

Federal rules require Canada Post to determine the cost of postal items that are fair, reasonable and sufficient to help cover labor costs.

"Given the current rate that reduces the volume of mail and other financial pressures facing Canada's post, it can no longer generate enough revenue to meet its future service obligations without regular changes in the structure of the rates "according to a Canadian newspaper publication, a government publication detailing new federal rules and regulations.

In late November, Canada Post said it expects to finish its fiscal year at a loss.

The postal service was ordered in September to increase salaries for suburban and rural postal workers by 25 percent, which the agency said would cost $ 550 million by the end of the year, including the $ 130 million price it had on its books in the last quarter of 2017.

Postal workers began to strike a strike in late October, but about a month later, the Liberals passed a law on jobs after Canada's post complained that plots of land had reached historical levels before the key period of rest.

December 24, 2018 / 18:00 | Story:

Judith Casiama always loved nature and spent time outdoors.

As a child in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, known as Zaire at the time, she could go through a lush rain forest, swim in the river, or watch tropical storms.

Her family left the country in 1997 when she became unstable after the genocide in Rwanda.

"I know what the war is like. I know how to go for days without food or water, because there were bomb blasts," she said at the open air diversity forum at the Banff Mountain Festival this fall.

The Kassiama family headed for South Africa, then in Australia, California, Connecticut, New York and Boston before getting refugee status in Canada and settling in Hamilton, Ont. She now lives in Vancouver, where she can again bounce, swim and watch storms.

Last March, the 29-year-old – who heads a group called "Black People Hike: Vancouver" – called up several social media dealers over the lack of diversity in advertising campaigns.

That led to an open letter from the Chief Executive Officer of Mount Equipment Co., titled: Do White People Dominate Outdoors?

"If you think that any ad you've ever seen for skiing, climbing, climbing and camping, you might think so," writes David Labistor in October. "It's not true at all, and it's part of a bigger problem."

Labistour said his letter received a bigger response than the controversy surrounding the retail trade of equipment for outdoor equipment associated with an American gun after mass shooting in Florida.

He acknowledged that the retailer does not represent the diversity of Canadians and works on involving people in color in their advertisements.

"Sometimes we do not recognize the inherent racism in the country," said Amil Reddy, coordinator of the OIC's Overseas Nation Campaign to get more young Canadians out in the open. "More often than not, they are not people we hoped to represent."

As a color pencil, Reddy said she had enough openness to go around for everyone.

"Some groups need little more support," said Reddy, who stressed that MEC brought Casimi to the ambassador as part of his diversity campaign.

Other traders also react to the campaign, but this is a problem that is not unique to businesses.

In the Banff National Park, where 36 percent of visitors are from somewhere other than Canada or the United States, there is a concerted effort to resolve diversity among tourists, but also Canadians.

"There are many people from Canada who may have problems understanding English or French," said Greg Danchuk, a Parks Canada visitor experience manager at Banff.

"We are not thinking only about abroad or for international ones. We are thinking about people who may not be able to communicate in English or French as the first language."

Danchuk said Parks Canada offers a free pass for new Canadians for a year and there are learned-in-camp programs that provide equipment and advice. National Parks also began to use symbols, not words, to help visitors learn about safety and wildlife.

"You need to put some words there," Danchuk said. "Some of them need an explanation, but, for the most part, to keep people safe and at the same time to protect wildlife, we can use the symbols to indicate what they can and can not do."

Officials send information to other languages ​​of any tourist group ahead of time, he added.

Kasyama, who plans to masters a variety of openness, said she would like to see more open education that is being taught in schools. She said she would also go a long way for the new Canadians.

"You not only educate children, but also educate families through children, it's a situation where you win."

Kassiama says her childhood, which involved eating food from the country, sparked her love for the open.

Nature helped her to cope with her experiences as a fugitive and could help other immigrants who faced the same things, she said.

"You never exceed the trauma you see as a child, in terms of war," she said. "For me, just being outdoors and being in nature was the cheapest form of therapy."

December 24, 2018 / 14:04 | Story:

A man arrested after the Nunavut deadlock in the RCMP has been charged with four counts of attempted murder.

Mounties say Jerry Issuqangituq also faces charges of releasing firearms and an assault with weapons.

The police were sent on Saturday to investigate a report about a man knifing knives at the home in Icalhuit.

Police said a 25-year-old man intervened inside the house and during a three-hour shock opened fire on the police and passing vehicles.

No one was hurt, but investigators say the property was damaged.

The other man was also arrested and charged with releasing firearms and breaching an obligation.

In a press release, police said it was the second critical incident in Iqaluit within a week and called on gun owners to provide firearms and ammunition.

On Wednesday, the ICRC said the 34-year-old man, Eclauil, had been barricaded in the house for 12 hours, while the police negotiated with him. After the incident was peacefully resolved, police said three underage children were placed in detention for children's and family services.

This man faces charges of forced imprisonment, assault, pronouncing threats, and violating conditions.

Police say alcohol is a factor contributing to both conflicts.

December 24, 2018 / 12:20 | Story:

Police in Toronto say they believe they have found the body of a 45-year-old woman who has disappeared into a forest area.

Det. Anthony Paetletta says they have found the body today around 9 am in Crothers Woods Trail in the city center.

Const. Allison Douglas Cook says Stella Wong was last seen on the track, as she climbed up with a male companion around 7 am. in Sunday.

She says the man reported her disappearance to the police, but Kukes says she is not sure how they separated.

Kukes says the unit's unit mounted, along with search dogs, drones and officers, was part of the search.

The pallet says they will not know the cause of death until an autopsy is conducted.

December 24, 2018 / 11:57 | Story:

One person was killed and three others were hospitalized after a fire in the Edmonton home, a home for people with disabilities early Monday.

The firefighters were summoned to the fire before 2 am in the western region.

Alberta Health Services said two men were taken to hospital in a critical, life-threatening condition.

Another man and woman were in serious condition.

Police in Edmonton later confirmed that one of the patients died in hospital.

A neighbor told KTV Edmonton that he had seen someone taking care of who worked at the home that was running outside and shouting someone who helped disabled men is still inside.

Ben Zubiero said he burned on his face and on his hands in an attempt to extinguish the fire.

"She says her clients are still inside, that there were three people in. She continued to cry and scream," said Zubieto.

Suzzette Melado with fire rescue services in Edmonton said investigators have not yet identified the cause of the blaze. The Edmonton firefighting unit is helping in the investigation.

December 24, 2018 / 11:13 o'clock | Story:

Монтреалската полиција вели дека еден човек е мртов, а друг е во критична состојба по пукањето во северниот дел на градот.

Полицијата соопшти дека полицајците одговориле на 911 повик околу 11:40 часот и пронајдоа двајца мажи со рани од прострелници во станбена зграда во населбата Свети Леонард.

Const. Каролина Шерефилс вели дека еден човек бил прогласен за мртов на местото на настанот, а друг бил пренесен во болница.

Таа вели дека некои улици во областа остануваат затворени додека полицијата ја продолжува истрагата.

Идентитетите на двата мажи не се ослободени.

Декември 24, 2018 / 6:27 | Story:

Народна партија на Канада вели дека ја достигнала својата цел да формира 338 здруженија на јавачи, бидејќи ги поставува своите ставови да биде конкурентна сила на претстојните сојузни избори.

Во е-порака до поддржувачите, лидерот Максим Берние вели дека овој потег претставува "дар на надеж" за Канаѓаните кои сакаат да ја вратат слободата, одговорноста, правичноста и почитувањето на земјата.

Берниер беше конзервативен пратеник повеќе од една деценија пред тој да го објави во август дека го напушта патиштата за да ја започне својата партија.

Платформата на партијата сé уште е финализирана, но нејзината веб-страница вели дека ставовите што ги презел Берние во трката за конзервативно раководство – како што е теренот за постепено отстранување на понудата за млекарскиот сектор – ќе ја формираат основата за своите политики.

Конзервативниот водач Ендрју Шеер го победи Берние за сојузното раководство на Тори со тенок маргина во мај 2017 година.

Берниер ги обвини Ториевците за напуштање на конзервативците, додавајќи дека партијата нема "ништо суштинско" да понуди на Канаѓаните да бараат политичка алтернатива.

"Имам една желба за Божиќ: за вас и секој еден од 33.800 членови на нашата партија да донесеме уште поголема надеж со тоа што ќе придонесеме 3.38 долари или 33.80 долари за да ни помогнеме да ја шириме оваа добра вест", рече Берние во неделата.

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