Saturday , January 23 2021

The Walking Dead universe will have a world-changing Walker soon

Living Dead the universe will be permanently modified thanks to one particular zombie that comes in the fifth season Fear of the dead who walk. Details of this unsettled rome have not yet been revealed, but it seems that Ian Goldberg's shocking teasing shows that it will be a gamechanger for all of the Dead Universe content that is moving forward, as the extensions are on the horizons.

"There will especially be one traveler, I have to be careful to say this around you[[[[Living Dead universe main content clerk]Scott [Gimple]Goldberg said (through INSIDER). "Let's say this traveler will open up a universe of opportunities for our storytelling."

It's an interesting and terrible cryptic catapult from Goldberg who got up Fearful walking Deadin its fourth season, the same season that launched the first crossover of the Dead Universe and began with a serious overlap between Fear and Living Dead. In fact, the Goldberg and Andrew Chamberlies initiative as a showmaker is largely aimed at integrating more content from the expanded universe and flagship Living Dead series which is something original show player Dave Erickson had no interest.

With regard to what this particular pawn can be, the possibilities are infinite. There's a chance it's a dead character from Living Dead shoot at Fear a pointless walk across the country (can finally reveal the fate of Heath?). Then again, the whisper could have appeared Fear of the dead who walk, binding to Fear a group of survivors in Walking Deadas they face wild villains.

Is it possible that there will be a duck that can cure the virus of zombies? While AMC develops three movie films in the center of Rick Grimes in the area far, far from Alexandria, there is a possibility Living Dead the building of the universe to an endgame that could include a drug for some kind of virus. Such narratives have never been explored in either series or in source comic materials, but as films such as World War I and I'm a legend offered interesting downloads how to cure apocalyptic viruses for their endings.

Maybe Fear of the dead who walkThe only upcoming pawn will be associated with Rick's films and the final conclusion Living Dead the universe? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

Living Dead returns for his 10th season in October. Fear of the dead who walk will return for his fifth season on June 2nd. For full coverage and insider information all year, please @BrandonDavisBD on Twitter and watch's After the dead every week after the new episodes of

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