Saturday , February 27 2021

The stands end the gray glass with the victory over Redbriki

Terry Williams helped the Calgary stands to complete the poor team's title.

Williams has a record-breaking touchdown of the 97-double tabboard at the basketball stadium in Columbia on Sunday night to lead Calgary to Ottawa Redblacks 27-16 at the 106th Gray Championship.

Calgary finally won the CFL title in the third row appearance; The stampers lost 39-33 in overtime in Ottawa in 2016, before leaving last year's decision 27-24 for the Argonauts in Toronto. It's the eighth championship of the franchise and the first of 2014.

Calgary Sword Bo Levi Mitchell – the foremost CFL player this season, having won the top 35 titles in the league – was a two-touch touchdown game with two touchdowns. The printer for the printers, Lemar Durant, was named Canadian with four captures for 30 yards and TDs and 22 yards.

Mitchell finished 24-for-36 by 253 meters. The third colleague of red drawings Trevor Harris had a rough night, with 20-for-38 for 288 yards with one touchdown and three intercepts.

Ottawa – in his third Gray Championship in four years – seemed to have achieved Gregg Ellison's acrobatic cramp with one hand in the fourth quarter, but the repetitions showed that the ball hit the grass. The scarers ended up turning the ball into falls in the Calgary series with seven yards, with more than eight minutes remaining.

After Ottawa turned the ball backwards, Jamar Wold of Calgary and Tre Roberson followed with interceptions of successive red-eyedowns. Roberson is picking up 1:22 to play.

Calgary players will receive $ 16,000, while Redblacks receive $ 8,000 per head.

Field conditions are at the center of attention

The gathering of the Community Stadium from 55,819 looked at the start in 1C conditions with a wind of 11 kilometers per hour. But the field in Edmonton proved to be a story about the game.

On Saturday, several Calgary players said the pitch was heavy and slippery, and footwear would be important. During warm-up before the game, many Stands wear shoe with short, traditional herbs or those with flat rubber hooks.

Ottawa head coach Rick Campbell has downplayed the conditions on the pitch.

"It's alright, that's what it is," he said before the match. "It's CFL."

Watch Bo's Levi Mitchell and Stemmery beats on the Gray Cup:

After the defeat of Gray Cup, Bo Levi Mitchell and Calgary gave up 27-16 wins over Ottawa, winning their loss to Redbork in 2016 at the championship. 2:49

But it became apparent that early establishment would be a problem. It was particularly clear with 38 seconds back in the first quarter, when Williams had both legs to slip from above, while returning the missed 47-double goal, Luis Ward tried.

Renee Paredes put Calgary forward 27-14 with a 29-yard field goal at 2:54 of the fourth. It was formed by Wynton McManis to restore the fumble of Diontae Spencer's returning back to the Ottawa 25-yard line.

Calgary entered the fourth leading 24-14 thanks to the 34-yard goal of Pares in 11:24 from the third. It came after the launch of the 41-yard Ward at 7:56.

Don Jackson had other TDs of Calgary. Paredes started converting two goals of the field.

Julian Feoli-Gudino had a touchdown on Ottawa. Jean-Christophe Boyleau added an envelope with two points, while Ward started two goals on the pitch.

Setting a record level

Williams secured the biggest game in the first semi-finals, the gray representation of 97-odd squads, at 14:59 from the latter. After taking the ball, Williams nearly slid up, but Ottawa's defender was hired by a blocker who slid, allowing Williams to hit the open field and then to pass past Ritchie Leone to set Calgary 21-11.

Williams secured the fun factor in an otherwise sloppy half of the hatch. The two teams have teamed up for four turnovers – three wins and one football – along with eight toys and some ugly drops.

The Ottawa's most active offensive weapon was William Powell, who ran nine times for 58 yards while sport brought neon orange shoes before moving to the whites at half-time. However, the second leading CFL striker also had expensive speculation in Calgary 28 in the latter, ending Redbork's ultimate threat with a 14-3 loss team.

Otava withdrew in five of 14-9 on Harris' strike, which lasted 55 yards, at 12:45 pm, to Theoly Gudino, who broke two strokes in a catch. Harris then found Bowieu a two-point convertor.

Mitchell set Calgary 14-3 with a 17-yard double-throw in Durant at 6:50. Two plays came after Diane fell to a wide open screen pass.

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