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The request continues for the woman who disappeared in Scarborough on Christmas Eve

Catherine DeCleck,

Published Wednesday, December 26, 2018 14:24 EST

Last Updated on Wednesday, December 26, 2018 14:33 EST

Police in Toronto are still searching for a 74-year-old woman who was last seen in Scarborough in Badnik.

Shirley Lee disappeared in the area of ​​Guildwood Parkway and Livingstone Road around 9 am. on Monday. Lee has Alzheimer's disease and the police say it was the last time he saw a knock on the door of the residence in the area, seeking a family member.

"We followed that passenger and that passenger could provide some Shirley information and videos," Insp. Anthony Paoletta told reporters on Wednesday afternoon. "After that interaction, there was no further confirmed interaction with Shirley."

Lee is described by the police white woman with a thin construction, standing about 5 centimeters tall. She has short, salt and pepper hair and was last seen dressed in a black winter coat, blue jeans and black shoes.

Officials search the "level 3", which is considered one of the highest priority levels. A command post was set up Tuesday to help coordinate the search.

"Concerns generally take place in this climate for an extended period of time. It's a big concern for us, as well as some drugs that Shirley does not have with her," Paoletta said.

Hesaid that the police thoroughly search for Scarborough bluffs and terrain around the area.

On Tuesday, Lee's grandson told KP24 that his family is helping the police in search of parts of the neighborhood known to her grandmother.

"She is confused herself," said Chris Chase. "She is a very beautiful lady, very kind. She has lived in this area for many years – 22 years."

"She will know this area, she has Alzheimer's disease so she can search for something familiar, something she once knew and I hope she is safe and able to get her back home."

Investigators demand that members of the public search for their property for any signs of Lee.

"We are seeking any information or any signs that Shirley is in this area," Paoletta said. "Video is very important, please check your video cameras. Even if you think you are a little out of this geographical area, please take a look."

Anyone with information is required to contact the police at 416-808-4300.

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