Sunday , April 11 2021

The recent cool GTA time is part of a longer trend, a meteorologist says

Temperatures fall under the age of teenage years. People dressed in bloated winter coats seem to be still in January. Social media robots complain of definitely stereotyped Canadian weather. If it seems that the climate outside the front door really does not feel like summer, you are not alone.

Geoff Coulson, a meteorologist with Canada on the environment, said he was "much cooler than normal" at this time of the year – and in fact is part of a larger trend that began several months ago. "April was cooler than normal, May was cooler than normal," he remarked. "It looks like, unfortunately, that model remains quite uninterrupted when we go in June."

Coulson would not attribute this weather model to something like the El Niño phenomenon, but it can cause higher winter sources and sources that are cooler than the average. "From time to time we can get these songs that are very persistent," he noted. "Surely the one with whom we had to deal over the last few months was the one that was above the lower Great Lakes," with systems coming from the American Midwest.

Although the weather agency predicts warm temperatures this weekend, in the low-end area, the cold weather is expected to return and "re-emerge," said Coulson, along with some scattered showers.

The time around this time of the year, although obviously unusual, is not completely non-existent.

Doug Gilam, a meteorologist in the Meteorological Network, said that "in isolation, what we have seen so far in the first five days of June is (it) while it's cooler than normal, it's not unusual," stressing that immediately after the post-spring period there is a "lack of heat". But, according to Gilam, this does not diminish the fact that it is actually "unusually cool".

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Regarding the forecast for the rest of the summer, Gilam said he expects a "significantly different summer" than last year – which means that the Toronto basically can expect similar cold temperatures to stay in the first half of the summer and win. In fact, there is no warm time to the second half.

However, despite a cooler temperature this year compared with 2018, there seems to be no difference in terms of the use of electricity. According to Tory Gas, a spokeswoman for Toronto Hydro, the agency is unable to "measure specific ways of using electricity, we can only measure the amount of electricity that is being used." From Wednesday morning, she said "now is a lot similar to last year of this day. "

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