Saturday , June 19 2021

The President of Taiwan defends the winner of the independence film

PEKIN – the president of Taiwan expressed support for the prestigious film awards of the Golden Horse after the speech of the pro-Taiwanese director of independence caused controversy in mainland China.

"We never accepted the term" Chinese Taiwan "- said Tsai Ing-wen on Facebook on Sunday." Taiwan is only Taiwan. "

Director Fu Yue said during a party on Saturday in Taipei that her greatest hope was to recognize "our country" as an "independent subject." Her film "Our youth in Taiwan" won the best documentary at the award ceremony, which is similar to the Chinese-language Oscars.

Taiwan separated from mainland China amid civil war in 1949, but Beijing considers the island self-governing as part of its territory.

In recent years, the ruling Communist Party has increased pressure on other countries to break off diplomatic relations with Taiwan – a condition for establishing formal relations with China. Only 17 countries, mainly small, developing, recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation.

Chinese internet surfers criticized Fu on the Twitter-like Weibo platform after her victory, sharing posts under the hashtag "There is not a single piece of China," as well as a map of China covering Taiwan and the territories in the South China Sea.

Hashtag was used by the famous actress Fan Bingbing, who disappeared from public life this year before being convicted in October for tax evasion.

Indignant internet commentators also took to Fu's personal Facebook page, which was littered with offensive entries. Facebook is blocked in mainland China and can be accessed via software that bypasses governmental filters known as the Great Firewall.

Tsai said in her post that the Golden Horse Awards, presented annually in Taipei, emphasize the freedoms that distinguish Taiwan from China.

"Here (in Taiwan) there are no people who will disappear or be silenced for expressing different points of view," she wrote, "and we do not have sensitive terms that are censored on the Internet."

The Chinese government broke off relations with the Tsai administration after the inauguration in 2016. And he repeatedly condemned her for refusing her request that Taiwan is part of China.

"Our youth in Taiwan" follows a young Taiwanese and a young Chinese woman who is at the center of student movements in Taiwan.

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