Friday , May 14 2021

The office is reunited in this beautiful picture, but there is still no word on rebooting

The era of revival / re-launching TV is really in full swing with performances such as Full House, Roseanne, Twin Peaks, Will & Grace and many others returning after several years with varying degrees of success. Can the US version of the office be next? There were several reports stating that the show is coming back, but NBC has yet to make any official announcements.

While we are waiting for an official word, the Office's renewal threats continue. Angela Kinsey, who played Angela on the show's accounting, today sent a picture on Twitter and (almost) all the main characters who attended some kind of socializing. At the rally, no matter what it was, it was held at the home of Greg Daniels, who famously adapted Ricky Jervaw's "Office for American Television".

In the picture are Winson (Dwight Shreute), Jenna Fischer (Pam Bisley), Leslie David Baker (Stanley Hudson), Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone), Ed Helms (Andy Bernard), Paul Lieberstein (Toby Flenderson), Phyllis Smith Vince), Craig Broughton (Craig Broughton) and Oscar Nunez (Oscar Martinez), along with Kinsey and Daniels.

As you will immediately notice, some people are missing. John Krasinsky, who played Jim Halpert, can not be seen anywhere, nor Steve Crutchle, the glue that held the show along with his character Michael Scott. According to a report, Michael Scott will not be re-starting, and the show will instead bring a new boss. As for Krasinski, there are several reasons why he was not in the picture, although he was intriguing today rewrote the image of Kinsey. Also missing B.Dz. Novak (Ryan Howard) and Mandy Caling (Kelly Kapoor), who, in addition to their acting duties, also wrote several episodes of the Office. Kate Flannery, played by Meredith Palmer, is also nowhere to be seen, nor are some of the characters from recent seasons, such as Eli Kemper (Erin Hanon).

Back in July, Krasinski said he would like to reunite with his Offices about something new; he called his family. Krasinski also said he thinks that the Office can be returned as a one-time Christmas specialty.

On the November episode of Live Saturday Live, Krel welcomed the audience with a playful monologue in which the members of the film spoke about returning the show because they need money. Even Karl's real family made him do it. You can see the stupid segment below.

Prior to that, Karel in an interview said he thinks it's a bad idea to get the office back. Not only does the show do not need to be returned, but it may also not work if there is a similar tone.

"The climate is different. I think, the whole idea for that character, Michael Scott, was so much based on improper behavior."

Michael Scott who is out of touch and kind of unpredictability is the point, Karel said, but this position is unlikely to fly in 2018. "Much of what is shown on this show is completely wrong, you know?" But I simply do not know how it will fly now. There is a very high awareness of offensive things today – what is good, sure. But at the same time, when you take such a character too literally, it really does not work, "he said.

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