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The NHL's potential NHL class could make another exciting July July 1st

Mark Stone has made it clear that he wants to stay in the country's capital.

Now it's up to the Senators from Ottawa and the wingman to do it.

And they are not alone in a league where many big names can hit an unlimited free agency this summer.

Stone told reporters on Tuesday – the first day he could officially sign a new contract after the two sides agreed on a $ 7.35 million deal in August in August to avoid arbitration – that he hoped to stay with the senators, rather than strike the status of UFA July 1.

"I expect (negotiations) to begin in the next few weeks," Stone said in Ottawa. "My agent and general manager of senators Pier Dorion will sit down and see where he goes."

Stone is just one member of the long list of UFAs that are awaiting.

Matt Duchen – Stone's teammate in Ottawa – along with the former Senator and the current blue-liner San Jose Eric Carlson are also potential UFAs. The same goes for the goalkeeper of Columbus Blue Jackets Sergei Bobrovsky and forward Artemi Panarin, and sniper Buffalo Sabers Jeff Skinner.

The situation for Kamen and Duhen is interesting, because the senators have clearly shown that they are going with the youth. Stone, 26 and Duhene, who will turn 28 years later this month, can sign eight-year contracts in Ottawa, but it will be interesting to see what the team is offering and if players are pleased to be part of the rebuilding.

Senators, currently sitting near the bottom of the placement, could also choose to trade with Stone and / or Ghosts, but minus their first choice in the June NHL, due to the last-season purchase agreement, which is also a potential problems for a team that is already struggling to win.

For his part, Stone does not expect negotiations to affect his season on the rest of the road.

"It was not a distraction," said Stone, who had 18 goals 25 assists for 43 points in 40 matches that went to the tender on Wednesday against Vancouver Canucks. "It does not bother me or take me a bit."

Carlson began to heat up in San Jose after a slow start, while a playoff team like Columbus may be inclined to risk losing Bobrovski and Panarin this summer, instead of trading or before the February deadline, in the hope of making a long post- seasonal run.

The hockey world was busy last June, when interested teams made pitches to expect UFA John Tavares before he signs with the Toronto Japanese leaves.

And we could be at another in late June team executives and coaches trying to convince them to sign the franchise-change UFA.

There is another group of potential UFAs that include the Leafs Defenseman Jake Gardiner, Philadelphia Flyers Wing Wayne Simmonds and Winnipeg Jets blue-liner Tyler Myers.

Toronto GM Kyle Dubas recently said he would like to sign Gardiner in the long run but added "it's not as simple as it sounds," Toronto has to deal with the expectation of free agents Austin Matthews and Mitch Manner.

There may be squeeze in other markets, as well as a RFA class that also includes Winnipeg Patrick Lane.

Players say that all the real things at this time of the year, but getting long-term contracts made with UFA in the end, is also rare.

"This is the only place I've ever played," Stone said. "I want to live in the city of Ottawa, I want to play for this team.

"I loved my time here and I hope it can continue."


Jacob Markstrom it seems that they have taken things out. Vancouver's goalkeeper had the best number among netminders with at least nine starts in December, making a record 8-1-0 to go along with 1.66 goals – an average of 943 percent for saving. The only loss to Markstrom during that part of the Canucks, which is in the middle of the track on Saturday in Toronto, was a loss of 1-0 to Winnipeg Jets.


Brandon Piri can not stop achieving results. Wils Wigan Wreath buried the winner in a 2-0 win over Los Angeles Kings – his sixth goal in seven games after being recalled by AHL. Pirri is with his fifth NHL organization after being ready for the 59th place in Chicago Blackhawks. The 27-year-old also has three assists with Vegas, but the Knights will have a decision to do once Max Pacioretty returns from injury. He is scoring forward, but less likely to fit in the third or fourth line. If Piri plays 10 matches in the NHL, he will have to cancel the bounce before being sent.


Boston Bruins's 4-2 victory over Chicago on the New Year's Day of the Winter Classic marked the 275th time through 612 matches this season (44.9%) the team exceeded at least the deficit in one goal to win. Sean CuraliClinker at the Notre Dame Stadium was also the 12th door win in the NHL for 26 regular open-season seasons.


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