Saturday , July 31 2021

The New Year's event in Fortune is busy by certain players

It starts to be 2019 around the world, and FortniteA new fun New Year's party has begun. Some players were surprised when they noticed the fall of the ball on the New Year, when in their time zone it was not the New Year.

Game hints Fortnite New Year's event leaked earlier in December, but now we can see it in action. The reports of the event began around 5 am. Every hour until it is officially in 2019 everywhere, a split will appear in the sky. A giant disco ball appears, reminiscent of the famous ball at Times Square in New York City, and the crowd can be heard singing at 10. When the countdown reaches zero, the fireworks explode and the music is reproduced, causing the players to dance for the duration. The ball then exploded in a confetti burst, and the fireworks display in the sky in 2019.

Sorry about my FPS counter and Shadowplay UI, I do not know why they saved. Frankly they became invisible to me at this moment.

This event confuses some Fortnite players who play the game in parts of the world where it will be 2018 for many more hours. "2019 NEW YEAR'S LEAD!?!?!" One player Twitter. "I'm thinking of a happy new year," another wrote.

"I was in the bus bus when it happened," another player wrote about the event in red. "I was so confused because a huge ride has opened in the sky." Others speculated that it was a test for the event or a mistake in the schedule of the developer Epic.

Epic vice president Mark Rhine eventually tweeted to remind people that the New Year had already begun in certain countries.

Epic PR person Nick Chester also tried to clear the subject: "I woke up to learn that many Fortnite players are not aware of the time zones," he wrote. "We are an educational and international game."

Some players were hoping for that FortniteMajor events will be programmed to prevent people from making cheap murders, as previous events have had problems with the cemetery that killed those who gathered to watch. Ep's obliged this time. Since players are forced to dance during the top of the event, no one can kill someone else at that moment and cause them to miss him. Given the similarity of the ball FortniteDancing provoking boogie bombs, dancing, rather than disabling weapons or taking players into the cadre scene, was a good choice.

To see the event every hour is great for people who have plans at midnight, or old people like me who do not intend to stay awake until midnight for nothing. Plus, it's fun to celebrate the New Year Fortnite players around the world – at least until the ball falls apart and they will remove you.

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