Wednesday , May 12 2021

The Microsoft Office icons get a new look

Microsoft applications get a new identity today. As part of the main overhaul of the platform, Microsoft felt the need to give Office applications a new logo to reflect the major changes that have come to Office lately.

The new icons are a big step forward from the current Office icons. So far, Microsoft has just done iterative changes to the identity of its office applications, but this year's upgrades actually seem to be great.

Design wise Microsoft focuses on creating logos "builder, lighter and more friendly." Redesigned icons are pretty neat, also – for example, the Word icon includes two panels, one with the letter W, and the other with blocks of blue that should represent text. OneNote, on the other hand, has notebook tablets, with Excel showing the spreadsheet tables and graphics for PowerPoint.

And the new OneDrive icon? It's just a cloud.

Here's a video that shows the new icons in action. Interestingly, at one point of the video, Microsoft shows the new Windows 10 Start Menu icons, along with other Windows 10 apps like Mail, Photos, News, Calculator, Calendar, etc. which can also get new logos.

"From get-go, we have taken the Office's rich history and we used it to inform design decisions. Strong colors have always been at the heart of the Office brand, and the new icons are an opportunity to develop our palette. Personality, and for the new icons, we chose the nuances that were more daring, lighter and more friendly – a greeting to how the office evolved, "said John Friedman, head of design at Microsoft Office, detailing the design of the new Office Applications icon.

Microsoft will begin to open new Office icons, starting with mobile and web applications in the coming months, followed by other platforms.

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