Sunday , May 16 2021

The marijuana that takes you out gives you a lot higher than smoking it

The inhaling of the vaporized flowerpot will make you get higher than smoking the same amount, according to a new study by the Johns Hopkins Research Department.

To see how smoking marijuana versus evaporation, the researchers recruited 17 "healthy" men and women (relatively small size of the sample) or to snore or smoke marijuana in the name of science, all of which previously smoked marijuana, but not in a month before the study was held. During six sessions with a length of 8.5 hours, the participants either smoked or set fire to marijuana with 0, 10 or 25 milligrams of THC, but did not know how much they were used each time.

The participants were then kept in the dark and asked to fill in a number of questions about their mood, how they felt any physiological symptoms. They also underwent a number of cognitive tests, such as responding to computer stimuli or solving simple equations and physical tests that show cardiac frequency and blood pressure.

Inhalation of 25 mg to THC will get a completely homemade boy, no matter how you got it – two participants vomited and another hallucinated (which sounds like every night's Stoner's nightmare). During the study, both smokers and inhalers received all the symptoms, all children from a 16-year-old school may be overly familiar with – increased heart rate, paranoia, cotton mouth, bloodshot eyes and paranoia – during the first hour after smoking and sometimes does not return to normal for more than eight hours.

But overall, the results proved to be much stronger at each dose, with researchers reporting significantly higher concentrations of THC in the blood of the participants, more errors in cognitive tests, and self-reporting on the feeling at a higher level.

With the legalization of marijuana that continues to spread throughout the world, more and more people are turning to a sticky green plant for recreational and medical purposes. Currently, 30 US states and Washington approve the use of medical cannabis, and non-medical use is allowed in nine. Numerous countries in the EU and elsewhere have also approved marijuana for drugs and recreational needs, causing a large retail industry and changing the perception of madness.

"Significant, sometimes negative effects of the drug may occur at relatively low THC doses in rarely cannabis users, and therefore these data should be considered in terms of regulation of cannabis products and education for individuals who initiate the use of cannabis, "the authors write in a published study at JAMA Network Open.

Because evaporation is becoming a more popular way to consume weeds and political changes, cannabis is more accessible, the authors say, that understanding the way of consuming marijuana and how it can affect one person is an important step in securing a high level is only Pleasant, man.

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